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Hey everyone, hope your all well, especially under the current coronavirius situation we all find ourselves in, it’s hard to know what to believe at the moment, let’s just hope it blows over sooner rather than later and the impact that the music scene, in particular, is enduring at the moment has a short life-span.

Anyway, in a slightly different blog post than normal, i’ve decided to take a break from the blog for a short while, i’ve not decided exactly how long yet, i probably will be itching to get straight back on it after a week or so but i think this is the right decision to ensure i can continue the blog in the future after the break.

The reasons for this are many but the next few weeks and months will be very hectic in my personal life and with MIMR being pretty much a one man operation it’s safe to say that my time for writing will become limited during this period.

I may pop up on social media every so often and i’ve still got a few features to put out over the next week, recent illness has delayed these posts sadly so hopefully they can be completed.

So yeah thats it, MIMR will be offline very soon but hopefully will come back sooner rather than later, bigger and better than ever.



Girl Afraid New Single ‘Dutch Courage’ Lives Up To The Hype

Five-piece Girl Afraid, who nest in Kingston Upon Hull have unleashed new track ‘ Dutch Courage’. It’s a perfect example of modern indie rock with guitar-driven chorus’ and a vocal which takes no prisoners with its rawness.

The track for me is entirely up to my indie standard. It kicks off with a grungy low frequency sounding guitar which although not super sharp did cut through my ears. I had this on very loud when I heard it, and it filled me with energy. Although, I wish it did have a few more backing harmonies along the way. Yet, Sam Mellors on vocals does not need any support with his vocal range on display here.

Remember, when Indie used to be great? We had the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Black Rebel Motorcycle club dropping bangers left right and centre. The void is no longer empty thanks to this good old rock piece. Grab your air guitar out and get stuck in.

The track is all about having an enormous ego. Most probably from the alcohol, the band supped before writing it, and I would not have wanted it any other way. The self-assurance is evident, and it screams poise from the get-go. It is a great time for indie rock up north, and Girl Afraid have indeed joined the party. Excellent work, lads!




MIMR Gig Guide: March

Gig of the Month

The Big Peach @ Gullivers

Inspired by the swinging 60s spirit, rock n rollers The Big Peach play one of their most notable gigs so far, with their now sold out show at Gullivers.

With Recent single ‘Down So Long’ sweeping you off your feet and expressing it’s groovy jangle pop to the fullest, the band are set to entertain and excite with a elightening, nostalgic set with a modern twist.

Support on the night comes from MIMR faves Sprinters and spiky, psych-pop newcomers The Galahads

Here are best of the rest in a action packed month.


Deco Records presents deafdeafdeaf w/ Swine, Jungle Boys, Persian Rug Sale and Exhalers @The Peer Hat


Grotbags, Chew Magna and Claw The Thin Ice @ The Talleyrand, Levenshulme

Callow Youth @The Deaf Institute


The Reytons @The Deaf Institute


Dutch Criminal Record @The Castle


Slow Readers Club @Night and Day Cafe


Deco Records presents Peeping Drexels w/ Chupa Cabra, Bleach Boy and Threads


Talkboy w/ Valetta and Molly Green @Gullivers


Document w/ Ballamona and Autosuggestion @Gullivers

Bunkerpop w/ Cynthia’s Persicope and Leisure Theory @The Peer Hat

Narrow Margin @The Bread Shed


Deco Records + Barber Presents All Dayer @Aatma and The Peer Hat


Muncie Girls w/ Perkie, Worm Boys and Bleach Body @Gullivers


Gender Roles w/ False Advertising and deafdeafdeaf @Yes

MIMR Top Picks in association with Scruff Of the Neck

Here at MIMR we recognise that Scruff Of the Neck is currently one of the best record labels around and it’s finally getting national recognition for it’s true dedication to the music industry and enabling artists to fulfill their potential.

Based in Manchester SOTN put on numerous high profile gigs and tours for new and exciting acts and MIMR has chosen 3 of the best gigs for this month, there was so many to choose from.


Date: 6th Narch

Venue: Night People

Indie-rock quartet SYFTA have burst onto the scene in the last few months and their whirlwind journey is set to continue through 2020. Having already had a signifcant support slot with The K’s at the Ritz at start of the year soundly under their belts and some high profile gigs with The Reytons around the corner, they are more than ready to bring their electrifying sound to the masses and they take the top stage at Night People for what promises to be a thrilling evening.

Support comes from The Cuza, Della Noirs and 25th Hour

More here:



Date: 13th March

Venue: Gullivers

Rock n roll 4 piece Arcades have stepped into 2020 all guns blazing with intoxicating vibes being felt for miles around. Hailing from Leicester, they’re all set for many new followers with their upcoming debut EP release ‘Religion’ ready to leave the blocks and dash into your heads.

Recent single ‘Say Hello’ was a glorious teaser for the record and their show at Gullivers will be one not to be missed! Support comes from Glue

More here:


False Heads

Date: 28th March

Venue: Off The Square

Punk-rock never sounded more intense and important, it’s safe to say False Heads have earned their right to be considered in such high regard. 2020 is going to be a huge year for the london trio with their debut album exploding with plenty of sparks flying.

‘It’s All There But You’re Dreaming out on 13th March is set to teleport the band into another stratosphere and their crunching, monstrous sound can hit new heights. Recent single ‘Rabbit Hole’ can only be described as epic! and it’s why this gig at Off The Square is vital!

Support on the night comes from MIMR faves Bards, Yuka Tree and The Battery Farm

More here:


Check out SOTN Records here, where you can see all gig listings and so much more….


MIMR Review: Persian Rug Sale ‘Catch Me If You Can’

Huddersfield punkers Persian Rug Sale soar onto MIMR with no nonsense thrills and spills with brand new single ‘Catch Me If You Can’ released yesterday (Feb 28th)

The track rip-raws along at lightning speed, frantic riffs, stomping beats and cutting, in your face vocals make for an anthem thats screams for you to put it on repeat.

They head to Manchester next weekend to play for our good friends Deco Records on another gripping line up!

Persian Rug Sale ‘catch them while you can’ things just got very interesting indeed!

Check the glorious track here:

MIMR Review: HMS Morris ‘Babanod’

HMS Morris are back on MIMR and with their new single ‘Babanod’ meaning ‘Babies’ was released earlier this month on February 7th (Dydd Miwsig Cymru – Welsh Music Day) on Bubblewrap Records.

Joining a rich number of welsh speaking bands that the blog have embraced, Worldcub, Adwaith and Papur Wal to name but a few, HMS Morris bring un-rivalled pop grooves to the table.

Telling the story of having a positive outlook on life while it may seem others are experiencing better things, the track bursts out into a trance like electro vibes, silky shoegazey tones and uplifting vocals that really give the track a compelling and mesemerising effect

Having toured Japan, gained a Welsh music prize nomination and had a gig filled 2019, ‘Babanod’ is the first of series of singles to hit us in 2020 with the added extra that they have a theatre show also in the works for the following year, it makes you proud to be welsh.

Listen to the track here:

MIMR Review: Salt The Snail ‘Junkyard Cat’

Kicking off their 2020 in style, northern noise merchants Salt The Snail kick their boots off with garage-punk fuelled new single ‘Junkyard Cat’ which lays a considerable marker down for what to expect from the crazy quartet.

The track is filled to the brim with cutting, explosive vocals, electrifying riffs and ferocious beats which create a whirlwind effect on your brain leaving you heavily dazed.

The band will be heading out to thrill many new followers throughout this year with their chaotic, ultra-energised live shows causing quite a stir.

MIMR is constantly purring about this track and you can check it here:


MIMR Band Chat: Shuck

The day has arrived, Deco Records latest all dayer is almost upon us and headline act Shuck took time before they hit the stage to chat to MIMR about their 2020 plans, influences and

MIMR: My pleasure to have you on MIMR, how best would you describe your music and what are the main influences that help create your sound?

Shuck: Thanks for having us on MIMR! Our music influence branches from our other current and previous bands. Heavy, tight and rowdy. Myself n JP drum extraordinaire met in Manchester working on our mutual friend ‘Karl D’Silva’ s solo project of the same name. We decided to work together making 3 minute bangers with happy/sad construct akin to a lot of the 90’s rock/punk rock UK & USA bound bands that we listened to growing up, throwing up.

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band, will 2020 be a busy one?

Shuck: We are due to release our debut album on ‘Hominid Sounds’ in summer titled ‘Petrichor & Rainbows’ , soon to be announced keep yr eyes peeled. We have a few festival appearances – Raw Power & Desertfest in London so far, looking for more! Supporting our pals ‘Video Nasties’ for their ‘Dominion’ album launch in Liverpool, March 14th. Which should be a reet party with old pals and the first time I personally would have played there.

MIMR: Great to see on the line up for Deco Records all dayer this Saturday, what preparations do you guys go through pre gig and what’s your favourite thing about playing Live?

Shuck: We all work ourselves to death through the weeks so we’re generally fucked up with swollen limbs n backs nursing a whisky and camomile tea. We get the odd rehearsal in so we remember what we are doing.

MIMR: What’s the most memorable live show you’ve played so far and why?

Shuck: The ‘Mutoid Man’ tour was memorable if only for Chris Maggio (their drummer that replaced Ben Koller) booting and kicking…essentially testing the weakness, of the ‘shit’ stages, he was presented with in the intimate venues we know so well up and down the country. Twas good craic like.

MIMR: What’s your thoughts about the music scene in Manchester currently and what other bands should we be listening to?

Shuck: Its a shame to see so many venues shutting, a lot of the places we loved have gone, I think its been hard to keep up with whats new and what stands out if only 4/5 venues are running the ‘circuit’ but hey ho. Itll be grand on Saturday, we wanted to play for DECO to meet some other bands out of our general horizon. Looking forward to Binge in particular as I caught the tail end of them at Deaf institute two weeks gone.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog. How can people follow you on social media?

Shuck: Thanks for the q’s mang


Shuckshuckshuck.bandcamp.com – for musics n merch

@shuckhquk – instagram
@shuckhq – facebook

MIMR Review: Eitha Da ‘Supernaturalism’

It’s with great excitement that we bring you brand new material from welsh Garage-fuzz act Eitha Da which is the 1st cut from a brand new EP released next week (Feb 28th)

Released via Hot Apology ‘Fizzy/Bubby’ is a joint EP with Liverpool based electro-pop project Magic Spells and has all the makings to be a pretty special arrangement.

‘Supernaturalism’ is another garage-fuzz crusade by Ben Sawin, plummelling beats are intertwined with spiralling riffs and sharp, cutting distorted vocals making for a thunderous, eye-opening experience. Already confirmed back at Focus Wales for another year, playing alongside Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys and MIMR faves Seazoo, they hope to have some Manchester shows announced for later in the year.

Both EPs are joined together by the same DIY ethos and a desire of expression and discovery which is a breath of fresh air. MIMR will be reviewing the Joint EP next week.

Here’s the official video:

MIMR Band Chat: Binge

Ahead of their appearance this saturday at Deco Records latest all dayer at The Peer Hat, MIMR spoke to one half of noise rock duo Binge who are set to blow the roof off with their intense whirlwind of a set, Rob explains everything you need to know….

MIMR: Thrilled to have you on MIMR, who are Binge and how best would you describe your sound?

Rob: Binge is myself, Rob, and Mark, we’re an instrumental two piece based in Manchester, consisting of guitar and drums. We make a lot of noise between the two of us, our sound has been compared to an avalanche, toothache or a form of bullying.

MIMR: Your stage presence and appearance on stage is something to behold, what are your objectives when you take to the stage and what’s the story behind your look on stage?

Rob: Our live shows are essentially intended as a sensory barrage. We use live visuals that are triggered and manipulated in real time by the music, and projected onto our white suits and balaclavas. The white outfits are a blank canvas, a lack of meaning, they take the focus away from us as individuals and simply reflect the projections that are intertwined with the audio. We wanted to create an audiovisual experience that’s a bit different from what people normally expect.

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band, what will 2020 bring?

Rob: We’ve got some exciting festival bookings lined up for the summer, which should be announced soon, and a physical release is on the cards too. Some live video sessions we shot in December are nearing completion and we’ll also be looking at booking a UK tour.

MIMR: What venues have been your favourite ones to play?

Rob: We really enjoyed playing at Tim Peaks Diner at Kendal Calling last year, as well supporting Melt Banana at Gorilla in Manchester – though we’ll always have a soft spot for Big Hands, which is our local.

MIMR: If there was a band you could tour with, who would it be and why?

Rob: The obvious choice would be Lightning Bolt, who have been a big influence on our sound, as well as an Italian band called Zeus! (another two piece we really like), but after playing with them last year we think it would also be pretty mint to tour with Melt Banana.

MIMR: Its been super having you on the blog, how can people follow you on social media?

Rob: Thanks for having us! People can find us on facebook at facebook.com/bingemcr
instagram: binge_mcr
twitter: @bingemcr

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