MIMR Gig Guide: February

Here’s the best gigs in Manchester this month, it’s a bumper month!

Gig of the Month

15th Grotbags Album Launch @ Yes

Quirky Indie-pop 5 piece Grotbags are all set for some loving when they release their self-titled debut album via Dipped In Gold recordings on Valentine’s day.

The self proclaimed ‘greatest band in the world’ will showcase their record which covers such topics as greedy babies, relationships and lude photos.

Support on the album launch night comes from South Yorkshire Mick Hucknall and Hot Shorts, it’s guna be a blast!



Stay Fresh Fest feat. Springfield Elementary, All Arson Girls Club, Fighting Rhythm, Mt Fuji and more… @Deaf Institute

USA Nails @ The Peer Hat
Deco Records Presents The Pagans S.O.H w/ Tinfoils, Bethlehem Casuals and Slap Rash @ Night and Day Cafe


Olly Flavell @ The Castle


New StreetRecords presents The Red Stains w/ Filth, Ansatz Circle and Slap Rash @ Manc Academy 3


Dollie Demi @ The Castle


Saults @ Bread Shed

The Jade Assembly @ Gorilla


New Street Records
presents Idle Hours + guests @ Gullivers


Deco All Dayer @ The Peer Hat

Farfisa EP launch @ Big Hands Bar


SPQR w/ Springfield Elementary, Tinfoils and The Vandalis


Deja Vega (Sold Out) @ Deaf Institute

MIMR Band Chat: The Pagans S.O.H

With their 1st appearance on MIMR and a headline show in Manchester this weekend with our good friends Deco Records The Pagan S.O.H hailing from the midlands have a lot to shout about.

We spoke to the band ahead of the show about gigs, support bands and new years resolutions!

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, what’s the latest with the band as we enter 2020?

Connor – We’ve just been announced as performing for the You Are Not Alone Festival on the the 28th of March. It looked sick last year and we’re proud to be able to play it, this year. Proceeds go to Manchester Mind.

Marcus – we started the year off with a bang at Rockaway Festival in Bognor. Honestly, one of the best festivals that we’ve played. The crowd were next level.

MIMR: How best would you describe your music and what influences greatly determine your sound?

Daragh – each of us have completely different tastes, which I think is reflected in the pagan sound that we make. I’m a big fan of Black Flag, Bad Brains and MF Doom. Marcus is into a bit of jazz and stuff, whereas Connor likes the heavier rock sound.

Connor – the playlists that we listen to, on the way to gigs, is all over the place.

MIMR: Great to see you headlining the latest Deco Records night at Night and Day this coming saturday, what’s the favourite thing about performing live?

Marcus – that’s why we do what we do. The live performances. Its everything to us, which is why we gig so much. It’s a addictive, the way we feed of audiences and vice versa. Best feeling in the world.

MIMR: Do you enjoy watching the other bands playing at your gigs and do you have a favourite band that you’ve played with?

Daragh – yeah, we love seeing new bands. It’s a perk of the job. We’re playing with Tinfoils at the night and day gig and I think this will be our 4th gig with them. They’re great lads and we love their sound.

Marcus – We’re also playing with deja Vega in Brum at the end of February. They’re an incredible live band. We’ve played with The Blinders a few times now and that’s always a fantastic experience.

MIMR: Did any of the band have any new year resolutions?

Marcus – to get to sound checks on time haha! It’s hard man, we all have full time jobs, so getting to them early is a real challenge at times but we’re trying.

Connor – no resolutions, as such, but we wanna get a couple more singles out there this year.

MIMR: What’s been your favourite venue you’ve played as a band?

Daragh – the Ritz in Manchester is definitely up there. Amazing venue. We played it for socialist Sunday in December.

Connor – We played the O2 Institute in Brum, supporting The Twang. That’s a sick venue. The crowd were insane.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR, how can people follow you on social media?

Marcus – all the usual places







Tickets here


MIMR Review: Giant Boys ‘Don’t Laugh at My Astro Turf Diane’

Wounded but ready to take on any shit that comes their way Garage Punk duo Giant Boys unleash a pounding, broody tirade on the state of Britain with their 1st single of 2020 ‘Don’t Laugh at My Astro Turf Diane’ released 31st Jan which has been described as a ‘An unholy hybrid of John Cooper Clark and The Fall’

A collaboration with local poet Oliver James Lomax, the track tells the humorous story of a lady who had astro turf coveted in the back garden but also takes on the very serious and scary reality of britain today and anyone that thinks a tory government will improve living standards and prosperity.

The track stamps on authority and takes no prisoners, haunting riffs and dark, gloomy backing track mixed with bellowing vocals that take on revolutionary undertones, a poetic anthem for sure!

Here’s the track

MIMR Review: Pondarosa ‘Bright Lights’

Out today, Manchester indie 5 piece Pondarosa burst into new decade with this anthemic track which is full of sparks and strikes a hefty punch in the process.

‘Bright Lights’ is overflowing with suplime, jangly hooks, crashing beats and a dazzling chorus which is delivered in a emphatic way.

Add cutting vocals and a furious finale and you already have a early contender for MIMR track of the year!

Pondarosa are all set to capture many more followers in the coming months and their newest track has raised the bar big time, see the light!

They play Night People tomorrow (1st Feb)


MIMR Review: Yuka Tree ‘Preacher’

Emerging as one of the brightest new bands around a vibrant Manchester music scene at start of 2020, fiery 5 piece Yuka Tree unleash a frenzied punkish attack which is relentless with their blistering new single ‘Preacher’ via 42s Records

Photo Credit: James Belchamber

Released 24th Jan, the track’s stormy undertones are pinned down by crunching guitars, bellowing vocals and some heart-stopping beats, a thrill a second crusade!

Having recently sold out the Eagle Inn, Salford to a rapturous reception, the band are ready to set their sights even higher and a headline show at Gullivers in May could be one of them special nights.

Yuka Tree were marked down as one of our Sounds of 2020 acts to keep an eye on, tracks like this only enhance their position in this list, Hallelujah!

MIMR Band Chat: Roxy Girls

We thoroughly enjoyed Roxy Girls recent show in Manchester at The Early Mornings single launch, which was a memorable night. They rip-rawed through a set which largely included tracks from last year’s mini album titled ‘A Poverty of Attention’ which we highly recommend.We caught up with the band to talk about their plans for this year, influences and playing live.MIMR: Great to have a new band on the blog, how best would you describe your sound and what are your main influences?RG: Its hard to put into words because its not a thing we really think about when writing, but punk is the main influence. We try not to put ourselves into any particular bracket in a concious way, just take what comes out naturally because thats what seems to work for us. In terms of bands being an influence, XTC, James Chance, Fire Engines, Captain Beefheart, The Yummy Fur, Parquet Courts, DUDS etc etcMIMR: We’ve been enjoying listening to your mini-album recently, how was this produced and are you happy with the reception it has received?RG: Cheers man, we spent a couple of days with Dave Brewis from Field Music at his studio in Sunderland, it was pretty straight forward all live with a few overdubs here and there. Aye we’re dead happy with how its done cause its allowed us to play more shows and class to release it through Moshi Moshi. It was good to get the record out because once youve released something you immediately want to do it again so it was a good driving force for our 3rd EP which we recorded at Green Door at the start of December.MIMR: You guys look all set for a busy 2020, do you have a plan of what you want to achieve as a band or are you going with the flow?RG: We’re all shite at organising stuff so we take everything as it comes, the more the better. Our aim for this year is to release the 3rd EP and record an album to release by the end of the year. Other than that the plan is just to play as much as possible, we’re going on tour with Mush in April which will be class.MIMR: You’ve got some eye-catching gig dates coming up including one in Manchester this month, what’s your favourite part about playing live?MIMR: Aye we played with The Early Mornings for their single launch who we supported The Raincoats last year, so was class going down to Manchester to play with them. Favourite part is playing together because we never really get the chance to practice so gigs feel fresh and its always good crack. We think of ourselves as a live band so the energy we put in is a big part of our playing.MIMR: If you could of been part of any era of music at any time, which one would it of been and why?RG: Late 70s/early 80s, as you could probably tell from most of our influences. There was some really cool shit going on and just seemed like a really exciting time to be creating music. There were so many bands that came from the punk scene and they all had their own individual take on it which is why we love post-punk.MIMR: Great to have you on the blog and look forward to what the year has in store for you guys, how can people follow you on social media and listen to some tunes?RG: Cheers for having wu on!Facebook: Roxy GirlsInstagram/Twitter: rrroxygirlsSpotify: Roxy GirlsTheres also some live videos on youtube if you look us up on there.Here’s Roxy Girls album from last year:https://open.spotify.com/album/4zGhH2Paus8kD9Rq2eQNuE?si=R5pWhqskSYeCn4Z6w6RE9A

MIMR Review: Seazoo ‘The Pleasure’

One of MIMR favourite bands Seazoo have revealed their latest track ahead of what looks like could be a breakthrough year for the 5 piece.

‘The Pleasure’ is one of the 1st glimpses of what to expect from Album two, the follow up from 2018 brilliant ‘Trunks’ record and it’s a beautifully crafted indie-pop tune full to the brim of everything we love about the Wrexham band.

Vibrant harmonies, swirling guitars and feel good vibes that you can only smile from ear to ear are a plenty within just over 3 and 1/2 minutes of delightful indie pop goodness.

With a lengthy tour planned for April with the Manchester date already sold out and appearances at Focus Wales and Liverpool’s Soumd City confirmed, we can only predict many good things to happen in 2020.

Bring on Album two! It will be our ‘Pleasure’

Check the video out here:

Frederik Cornelius Charms With ‘This Ain’t Love’

Denmark based Indie singer-songwriter Frederik Cornelius has dropped new single ‘This Ain’t Love’. A track which takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and does not let go.

‘This Ain’t Love’ delves into a new realm of indie with a variety of different influences making the track. At first, it gives a real raw vibe and if you closed your eyes you could be mistaken from listening to an acoustic act at your local speak easy bar. However, it is not long until Frederik graces the mic with his signature catchy melodies and progression.

The sound is not exactly brand new. But, it does provide us with another angle of indie folk. Its really quite a gem. As a result, there is no surprise that it is doing very well over in Asia where there is a real demand for this type of music at the moment.

Overall, its a great delivery from Frederik Cornelius. Although not a genre, I would usually admire being more of a rocker myself, it does tick my boxes. Its snappy, flows well and it opened my imagination to a more alternative love story.

You can listen below.

You can follow Frederik Cornelius on social media below.

MIMR Band Chat: The Early Mornings

Ahead of tonights gig at The Peer Hat and their debut single release ‘Artificial Flavour’ Manchester alt-pop 3 piece prepare to bring their poetic lyrics and dynamic, melodic guitars to the masses.We spoke to the band about the gig, plans for the year and soup!

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, tell people about the band and how best would you describe your sound?

TEM: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Sprechgesang. Like digging your grave and planting a seed. Like sandpaper beaches.

MIMR: You have a brilliant single out this month, MIMR has been very lucky to have a sneaky listen and it’s one of our faves at the moment. How did this come about and tell us about the single Launch
gig this week?

TEM: This is our first proper release, we’d only done a couple of home demos. We recorded it with Safe Suburban Home and it will be out on 7”.
Launch is at The Peer Hat and we’ve got some really good bands joining us in Roxy Girls, All Girls Arson Club and The Vat-Egg Imposition.

MIMR: What other plans do the band have for this year?

TEM: Writing more songs, got some shows booked in Feb across the UK and I’m sure there’ll be more releases soon.

MIMR: What venues in Manchester do you enjoy playing in?

TEM: M.E.N, Hacienda, Free Trade Hall, Fuel.

MIMR: Did any of the band have any new year resolutions?

TEM: Annie wants to eat more soup.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us on the blog, look forward to seeing you at gig. How can people follow you on social media?

TEM: Instagram.com/the_early_mornings


MIMR Band Chat: All Girls Arson Club

Sheffield punk trio All Girls Arson Club bring their riot grllls antics to Manchester this week and we spoke to them before their show to find out why their appeal is ever-growing, MIMR is hooked!

MIMR: Welcome to the blog, last year was a pretty good year for the band, with the release of ‘Dark Fruits’ record being a standout highlight. What’s the latest with the band and what plans do you have for the rest of the year?

AGAC: We’ve just recorded a new EP! We’ve just moved into a basement in Manchester so expect top shelf, sad indie rock anthems. We’re trying to put 25% more effort into life in 2020, so hopefully we’ll put out loads more music and creative stuff and put our art school years to use.

MIMR: What would you say are the musicial influences that shape your sound the most and what era of music are you fond of the most?

AGAC: Alice has listened to Teens of Style for three days straight, and India has been listening to car hole rock straight outta Australia almost exclusively. I think our most genuine influence is Green Day. We listen to A LOT of Green Day together. Our favourite era is probably every year the Grateful Dead played a show.

MIMR: What’s been your most memorable gig you’ve played so far as a band?

AGAC: I know it sounds a bit self indulgent, but we’re already talking about us… so! I think one of our best shows so far was the Friday night of Tramlines 2019. We curated a night at Delicious Clam, and played at midnight after a day full of amazing bands. We had the likes of Faux Machismo, Beige Palace and Self Esteem. We were dressed as cowboys and the room was full of love!

MIMR: Your playing at The Early Mornings single launch at The Peer Hat this friday, we’re really looking forward to seeing you live, what would be the usual routine in a run up to any gigs?

AGAC: You ever seen the movie The Dirt? It’s a lot like that but involves a little bit more anxiety on our parts.

MIMR: ‘Curry Club’ off the ‘Dark Fruits’ is a personal favourite and who doesn’t like a good curry, right? If there was one curry dish you could have all the time which one would it be?

AGAC: Specifically India would go for the Paneer Tikka Masala from Shaan’s on Chesterfield Road in Sheffield, and Alice would go for the King Prawn Karahi from The Clay Oven, a Goan restaurant that used to be on Oakbrook Road, also sheffield.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us at MIMR, good luck with everything in 2020, how can people follow you on social media?

AGAC: We’re really bad at using the internet, but get us on:
@allgirlsarsonclub on instagram


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