MIMR Band Chat: Dolly Shakes

One of the brightest sparks that have shone upon MIMR recently are DIY Pop-punk trio The Dolly Shakes and they the took time out to speak to us about their recent EP and they’re favourite albums

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, who are The Dolly Shakes and how best would you describe your sound?

Quina: We are a 3-piece DIY band from Manchester – made up of myself, Jessica and Liam. Jessica and we met a couple of years ago when I put a poster out looking for women to form a band with, and then Liam – who was helping us record and produce our music anyway – joined us as our drummer… we needed a drummer for our first gig so he jumped on the cajon for us and he’s stuck with us since! How would we describe our sound…

Jessica: I tell people we’re DIY-pop-punk.
Quina: Yeah, that’s fair… with songs about silly things… we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

MIMR: Been enjoying your latest EP immensely, where was it put together and are you happy with how it turned out and the reception it has recieved?

Quina: Yes we’re so happy! We put it together over the last year and it’s all recorded in my flat. It’s been a massive learning curve – we didn’t realise how long it would take. We thought we could get it ready for the summer but we kept on adding new songs to it and it ended up taking until October… but that was nice because it was exactly one year since we released our first ever single, and it’s cool to see what we’ve achieved in a year when neither of us have been in a band before! And we’re so happy with the reception.

Jessica: I’m really happy with how many people have got in touch with us and listened to it, even people we don’t know!
Quina: We can’t believe how the word has spread considering we don’t have a promoter – it’s just us sat on social media and playing small gigs.

MIMR: What does the future hold for the band as we head into next year?

Jessica: More gigs! And more music! We want to play more around Manchester and get some new songs recorded too.

MIMR: What have been your 3 favourite albums you’ve listened to this year?

Quina: I’d have to say Shonen Knife’s album ‘Sweet Candy Power’. They’re a massive inspiration to me coz they sing silly songs about things like food and lost sunglasses… they have inspired a sad ukulele song that I wrote actually coz I went to the shop and there was no sushi left… it’s like a homage to them, hopefully we can record that next year!

Jessica: ‘Tiny Changes’ by Frightened Rabbit… and loads of bands who are friends of theirs. It’s covers of all the songs from one of FR’s old albums, which the band was putting together when Scott, the lead-man, really sadly died last year. Each band brings their individual sound to each song, and the whole thing just has this sad but beautiful vibe about it, like a tribute to Scott’s genius.

Liam: (Liam wasn’t with us while we did this interview – but we asked him to tell us his fave album of 2019 and he said ‘Rammstein’… by Rammstein because it’s a mix of all their best styles!)

MIMR: Thanks a lot for chatting to us, how can people follow you on social media and check out the EP?

Quina: At the moment the EP is only available on Bandcamp, although we hope to upgrade to Spotify and some bigger platforms in the new year… but please check out thedollyshakes.bandcamp.com to stream it for free or download it for cheap, or you can even order the physical CD (it comes with a lovely illustrated booklet with artwork by Jessica and in a limited edition hand-printed case).

Jessica: And our social media is @thedollyshakes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – please follow us or get in touch!

MIMR Band Chat: Yuka Tree

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, tell us about the band and how best would you describe your music?

Yuka Tree: Plant punk

MIMR: Thrilled to see you on Deco Records latest line up this coming Saturday, how do you prepare for gigs and what’s the best thing about playing gigs?

Yuka Tree: We usually drive down with a discussion of which MP hasn’t resigned for the awful things they’ve done that week, intertwined with updates of recent times Joe has wet the bed, plus some frustration at not being able to contact Louis because he’s used up all his data watching The Mummy 2, again. We also put on and discuss songs or albums that we’ve each been listening to. There’s quite a range of musical interests in the band so that keeps things interesting and encourages us to expand our intake. When we get to the venue we’ll nip to the nearest shop for some tinnies and get in the mood.
The best thing about playing gigs is just getting up there and doing our thing, something that we’ve created together. It’s also nice to play in new places, seeing different communities.

MIMR: Looking ahead, what can we expect to see from you guys in the near future, more gigs, releases etc?

Yuka Tree: We’re currently finalising the release of our first single, with an independent label based in Manchester that has recently put out some great songs. We recorded it at The Warren Studios in Sheffield, with some great producers who worked on the recent Fat White Family album that was made there. It’s high energy social criticism and captures a lot of what we’re about. This was recorded back in July, so we’re really looking forward to sharing it now.

MIMR: We don’t like getting polictical on MIMR but it’s hard not to ignore the current shit-show that is going on. If you could write a song about any political subject or person what/who would it be and why?

Yuka Tree: A shit-show indeed. Some of our songs are quite political, with topics such as societal norms and inclusivity. One thing that I’ve been reading about recently, and is really important to refute, is this concept of fatalism. Which is the idea that things just are the way they are, that’s how they have always been, and there’s nothing we can do to change it. You only have to look back through recent history to see that’s clearly not the case, and that social change always comes from the bottom up. But this idea is a real barrier to political engagement, I’ve heard so many people I know talk like this. I think that’s probably a symptom of the interests of working class communities being systematically and repeatedly ignored. Anyway I reckon there’s a decent tune in there somewhere.

MIMR: Thanks for joining us on the blog, look forward to seeing you at the gig on Saturday. How can people follow you on social media?

Yuka Tree: Thanks for having us and taking an interest in new music. It’s encouraging to see new bands like Rodents who are doing something genuinely interesting, so it’s a pleasure to join the line-up for this one.



MIMR Band Chat: Martin’s Broken Neck

As we get ready for another Deco Records gig this Saturday at Star and Garter celebrating post-punk band Rodents new single, MIMR put one of the support acts under the spotlight!

MIMR spoke to Seamus from Martin’s Broken Neck about big plans and stage invasions

MIMR: It’s a pleasure to have you on the blog. Tell us about the origins of naming the band and was it clear from the start what direction your music would go into?

Seamus: Well our band name comes from my dad (Martin) breaking his neck. But don’t worry, he’s perfectly fine now haha. We just thought it was a weird band name and it suited us perfectly.

It was always pretty clear the direction we were headed because we’re all into the same sort of stuff. We love a load of brit-pop/ punk/ 60s bands.

MIMR: How has this year been for the band and what’s on the horizion for you guys?

Seamus: This year has been amazing. We only started this band in March and the support has been incredible and it’s insane to me to say that we’re playing in a venue like the legendary star and garter. We’ve got our second single coming out 11th December and we have a VERY big announcement coming soon so keep an eye on our social media.

MIMR: Great to see on Deco Records latest gig at Star and Garter this Saturday. Have you had any memorable/amusing moments at previous gigs and what’s your favourite thing about playing live?

Seamus: My favourite live moments are always when our fans get on stage with us for our last song ‘Armadillo’. We played Retro Bar recently and there was just so many people I could barely even play my guitar but it’s great to see so many people dancing and enjoying our music haha. Our fans are definitely the best part of playing live.

MIMR: If you could choose a band to tour with, which one would it be and why?

Seamus: If we could tour with any band it would have to be Hurray For Tuesday. They’re good mates of ours and I think we’d have a laugh on tour. The music we make has some similarities so the shows we do with them are always mint.

MIMR: Thanks a lot for dropping by, how can people follow you on social media?

Seamus: We have Facebook but our main social media is Instagram (@martinsbrokennecck)

MIMR Playlist No.5

The Battery Farm ‘I Am A Man’

Hot on the heels of their previous single ’97-91′ which gained a more than positive response including here on MIMR Playlist, The Battery Farm continue their relentless, punk crusade with their earth-shattering new single ‘I Am A Man’ released Oct 23rd.

More striking riffs, enpowering vocals and stomping beats are hammered into your brain and leave you stunned. The Gutter-punk quartet have a effortless knack to excite and evoke emotion in their sound and this track furthermore proves their existence to manchester music scene is vital and necessary.

We Three Kings ‘Gasoline’

Rock n Roll never sounded more brutal and viseral than the sound that Manchester trio We Three Kings create on latest single ‘Gasoline’ which has the ability to make you want to mosh along repeatedly.

The 3 piece have had MIMR on their side for a while now and this track protrays a band who have the tools to go from strength to strength.

Gutsy, powerful vocals are concealed with a blend of blistering riffs and thunderous beats, the result is a beltering anthem that should be on anyone’s rock playlist, all hail the kings!

Thin Skinned ‘Newspaper People’

Next on the playlist we welcome back 6 piece indie-folk act Thin-Skinned with their uplifting and enlightening grooves created on new single ‘Newspaper People’.

Following closely after their previous effort ‘Desperate for Breath’ and with a EP ready to put out to the world, it’s safe to say that the band are ready to make their mark.

Their ambient sound is mirrored by delicate vocals before bursting into life with a lively, chirpy and catchy chorus, add a classy jazz interlude and you have a well crafted track that becomes a real favourite, this EP is going to be a treat!

Island Dam ‘Reptilian Desires’

We end the latest Playlist with a fiery bang with Alt-Rockers Island Dam becoming a welcome new inclusion to the blog.

The 5 piece from Wigan match quickfire lyrics with riffs that really land a mighty punch to leave you reeling.

Released 18th October ‘Reptilian Desires’ has a venomous effect on you and the antidote is just to make sure you have it on repeat, sink your teeth into this one!

MIMR Band Chat: The Red Stains

The headline act at the latest Deco Records gig night at The Railway are the raucous and pure raw racket of manchester quartet The Red Stains and they spoke to us about their beginnings and their future plans. MIMR has been stained!

MIMR: It’s a pleasure to finally have you on the blog, how did The Red Stains begin and what are your main influences when creating your sound?

TRS: Thanks for having us! Well, Natalie and Sterling had the idea of starting a band for ages. One freezing February evening this year, those two went out in Rusholme when Natalie fell over in a muddy ally. With Natalie already on her knees at that point, Sterling suggested ‘Shall we start a band then?’ and so it began. They met Ella in the Peer Hat a bit later and asked her if she played an instrument. Thankfully Ella plays synths and guitar and also was interested in joining The Red Stains. The three women had a first rehearsal shortly after. In May, The Red Stains were about to play their first gig, but without a drummer! Fortunately, a Deus ex Machina appeared in the form of Ben.
We listen to anything that creates maximum noise and maximum chaos. Some of the bands we like most at the moment are The Prodigy, Sleaford Mods, Amyl and the Sniffers and Pulp.

MIMR: Been enjoying your soundcloud demos a lot recently, can we expect any official releases in the near future?

We don’t want to give anything away, but 2020 is going to be the year of The Red Stains.

MIMR: You’re headlining Deco Records latest night at The Railway this friday. You’re not a stranger to their gigs and played their recent halloween all dayer, who are your favourite bands that you’ve had the pleasure to see at Deco’s gigs?

TRS: There were lots of brilliant bands, but the ones we most remember are Slack Alices, Tinfoils, Chupa Cabra, Swine, Wolf Suit, Saults, Springfield Elementary, Furrowed Brow and Bleach Body.

MIMR: I’ve noticed that the fashion sense within the band has a very classic/retro kind of feel, which is refreshing. Is your image a major consideration within the band?

TRS: We’ve never had to sit down and discuss this as we all have our individual styles and it’s something that comes naturally to us.

MIMR: What are your favourite hangout places in Manchester?

TRS: You’ll find us mostly at the Peer Hat, but when we’re recovering from a hangover, we’ll be trying to score a cheeky wee bargain in the nearest supermarket.

MIMR: Thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you play on friday, how can people follow you on social media and check out some tunes?





Take a look at The Red Stains (@theredstains): https://twitter.com/theredstains?s=09




MIMR Band Chat: Yang Sweeps

Another act ready to take the stage by storm this friday at the latest Deco Records gig at The Railway are rock 5 piece Yang Sweeps and MIMR spoke to the band to get a insight into what all tge fuss is about

MIMR: Thrilled to have you on the blog, A) how best would you explain your music B) and was it clear early on what musical direction you would go in?


A.) Dad Rock

B.) We were clueless, I think early on, you’d do what every kid at 16 did in a band; crack the gain on at 10 and thrash around pretending you were Jack White. I think as we’ve gotten a bit older , we’ve realised that sometimes less is more and that in pursuing this art of subtly you can get a far better result than the alternative.


A.) Raw Spunk

B.) Oh nah, we played what and how we wanted from the get go.

MIMR: You play for Deco Records this friday, what can we expect from one of your live shows?

Matheus: You can expect a exotic wave of euphoria to sweep you off your feet as we carry you away to what you thought wasn’t possible.

MIMR: What’s been your favourite gig venue you’ve played as a band?

Kiran: Probably either Antwerp Mansion or Night and day; both venues contain a certain quality of energy when you perform that just reminds you of the joys of being in a band.

MIMR: If you could tour with any band, which one would it be and why?

Kiran: Black midi, Kayne west, Everything everything: Just because we want the clout.

MIMR: Great to have you on MIMR, thanks a lot for dropping in, look forward to friday. How can people check you out on social media?

MIMR Band Chat: Alex Rave and The Sceptical

As we get ready for the latest Deco Records gig back at The Railway, MIMR spoke to Alex from the band ahead of their much anticipated set in West Didsbury tomorrow.

MIMR: Super to have you on the blog, what’s the latest with the band and what have been the highlights for you this year?

Alex: Hello and cheers for having us. The band is still relatively new. This whole project initially started as a bedroom idea, where me and the keyboard player Charlie (cracking producer and all round musician) would just sit and try to build some songs out of what I had. Now, we are a full band filled with some great songwriting talent. The sound has somewhat evolved into something that I could have only dreamed of having and so as winter comes, the plan is to record an EP to capture what we’ve been trying to do live. For me, it’s all very exciting. The highlight so far to be honest has been out first gig at Castle back in June. Prior to the gig I had released two tunes just under my name and the debate of how on earth to capture it live without over doing it was a constant worry. Therefore, the first gig was of course filled with nerves because nobody (not even my girlfriend) had any idea of what on earth it was going to sound like. However, after playing the first song of the set we all exhaled with relief and actually started to enjoy it.

MIMR: How best would you describe your music and what are your main influences?

Alex: The sound is certainly on the darker side of things. I think as a group we quickly found ourselves edging towards a sound that resembled psych combined with a bit of a punk punch. This is a sound that would have never really happened though if I had not got the band involved as I was just rearing towards sad pop songs with a thirst to have Brian Eno-esc ambiance involved. Now, it is much more than that. Nick Cave meets Pink Floyd is probably the best way I could describe it, if modesty was getting thrown out the window.

MIMR: Great to see you on Deco Records latest residency gig this friday, do you have pre-gig routines or supersititions before you play?

Alex: Myself and Ben (drummer) once did a gig with our old band on the same night as our school prom. This was a bad idea, as we could barely see each other let alone hear each other all thanks to Jäger bombs and cheap lager. That was going on 4 years ago, but the rule since has stayed the same. 3 pints maximum before you go on stage, with a can aloud to be carried on with you. We’ve all individually played slashed at some point in our lives and collectively we agree that you can only get away with it once every 6 or 7 times. This naturally leads to disappointment the majority of the time.

MIMR: What’s been your most memorable gig so far and why?

Alex: I think I’d have to say when we played Soup Kitchen for an all day festival. This was only our second gig and the room was only half full, but I’ve been to see so many bands at Soup Kitchen and always wanted to play there as a result. We sounded pretty good as well, but I was more focused on the fact we finally got to play that stage.

MIMR: Thanks a lot for chatting to us on MIMR, have a good gig on friday, how can people follow you on social media?

Alex: Cheers we’re buzzing for it. Pretty cheap boozer as well from what I’ve heard which of course is an added bonus. You can find us on the big three social media pages for all your ranting needs. Twitter- @Alexsceptical Instagram- alexraveandthesceptical
Facebook- (you guessed it) Alex Rave and The Sceptical

MIMR Review: Lynchs ‘Breathe’

A North-west band that are certainly on the up are Lynchs and with the wind at their sails, they are set to cease their moment with their new single being the giant leap into their future success.

‘Breathe’ shows off their epic prowess to stir and excite, the track oxygenates your body from the start with striking vocals, stomping beats and some electrifying riffs to boot.

Now rejoicing the dance culture of the north-west with their ever-evolving sound, Lynchs are set to enrich your gig experience when they take to the stage at their massive headline show at the infamous Deaf Institute venue in Manchester on 15th November.

Get your dancing shoes on and feel the sunshine effect of Lynchs sounds on your face.

MIMR Band Chat: Tinfoils

One of the brightest sparks in Manchester currently, Tinfoils are a flurry of garage-punk mayhem that is hard to shake off and they are ready to show off their blistering live show at Deco Records all dayer Pt.2 at Retro tomorrow!

MIMR spoke to the band about their year so far and what to expect from their set.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, safe to say it’s been a whirlwind time for the band recently, what’s the latest with you guys?

Tinfoils: Yeah, it’s been a bit mental! We’ve just supported Sheafs, that was a big one, been fans of them for a while. We had a bit of time off for the summer and it’s done us a load of good, wrote a lot of new tunes and just feel generally more energised. The majority of the most exciting things we’ve got coming up are unannounced so far to be honest, but expect to hear something about a big headliner and a potential foreign excursion soon.

MIMR:What’s been your most memorable gig so far?

Tinfoils: I’d say our most memorable gig so far was probably our single launch gig for our first single The Royal Baby Machine back in March at the Peer Hat in Manchester. First sell-out gig we ever played, and we’d organised it all ourselves so we were quite proud of that. Lineup was stonking, Chupa Cabra, Blanketman and The Pagans S.O.H, it was banging. Crowd was mental, people hanging off the roof and throwing themselves all over, absolutely loved it. Honourable mention goes to our joint headliner with our brothers in arms Springfield Elementary, which is definitely the sweatiest gig we’ve ever done.

MIMR: Your headlining Deco Records all dayer this weekend and playing with some good company too. What can we expect from your set?

Tinfoils: We’ll be playing mostly new songs actually! It’s gonna be a mix of older stuff and newer stuff, we like to keep the set different every time so people aren’t coming and watching the same gig every time. Basically so we don’t get too fucking boring. It’ll be quite shouty and that, should be a good do. Lineup is ace, particularly our mates Swine and The Red Stains! Looking forward to seeing Gravves and Huds, heard a lot about them.

MIMR: Are their any new bands out there that you recommend we check out?

Tinfoils: Yeah, there’s loads. I’m into Do Nothing at the minute, I think they’re decent. I like Feral Family from Sheffield and Ohmns from Liverpool, would like to do something with them at some point. Locally there’s quite a few new(er) bands that I’m a big fan of like Aria, Loose Articles, Furrowed Brow, Thee Window Earles, and tonnes of others. Manchester’s got some of the best music going at the minute.

MIMR: Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great time at all dayer gig, how can people follow you on social media?

Tinfoils: You can find us on Instagram, which we update most often, or Facebook and Twitter. We’ve got a website as well, which you can find here:


We’re on Spotify and YouTube and SoundCloud and all that wank, have a Google and you can’t go far wrong.

Full details on the all dayer is here.


MIMR Playlist No.4

Gambling Hearts ‘This Love’

We start the latest Playlist with the emotionally-charged and sweet melodic tones of Gambling Hearts and their brilliant new single ‘This Love’.

Released 13th Oct, the Alt-Rock trio from Salisbury show off their prowess effortlessly with a track that you can instantly relate to and is certain to become one to stick on repeat.

Some electrifying riffs and some heartfelt glowing vocals go hand in hand and make this track one you can belt out too. The power trio have had busy year with plenty of gigs and are ready to spread their wings further afield, MIMR is hooked.

The Navettes ’12am’

The next band have become a regular on the blog over the last 12 months and with good reason as they continue to impress with their delightful Synth-pop grooves.

The Navettes have become a firm favourite on MIMR and the manchester 5 piece continue their good work with latest track ’12am’ causing quite a stir. Haunting bassline, blissful beats and effervscent vocals are well received and are sure to make you sway violently. Another Manchester band on the rise and tracks like this are making people stsnd up and take considerable notice.

Pool Sharks ‘Craw’

We head up to Calder Valley for our next band and it’s somewhat familiar as they recently featured on the blog ahead of their brilliant show in Manchester, this of course is the brilliant Garage Rock quartet Pool Sharks

New single ‘Craw’ was one of MIMR favourites of their live set and this frantic indie rock is captured perfectly in this track. In our recent interview the 4 piece explained “we’ve trying to pioneer the genre Dwarf Cream Wave” and with music this good i think a new genre might of been born. Delightful hooks, some powerful guitars and this becomes one of your essential track of the year.

Those Fucking Snowflakes ‘Stop Being a Dickhead To Each Other’

The conclusion to the latest Playlist are punk trio Those Fucking Snowflakes from Blackpool with this rollercoaster of a track that will leave your head needing medical attention.

Politically-charged and heart-stopping tirade with storming beats, belting vocals and some razor-sharp riffs make for a brutally thrilling experience. Having seen these guys live recently, their sound is amplified 10x on stage, it’s the perfect track to lose your shit too.

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