MIMR Playlist No.1

After a long abscence on the blog, i’ve decided to bring back MIMR Playlist back in it’s original format. Hopefully it will become a weekly segment on the blog reviewing what new music is hot at the moment. Hey Bulldog ‘Death and Greed’ Fresh from their biggest sold out show at Manchester’s Jimmy’s on saturday … More MIMR Playlist No.1

MIMR Review: Rodents ‘Mad Fer It’

After listening to some promising Soundcloud demos online recently, MIMR was glad to see the official release ‘Mad Fer It’ from Manchester’s new post-punk saviours Rodents released yesterday (15th Sept) The track is a whirlwind of spitting lyrics brooding with raw energy and electrifying, spiralling riffs that are executed at break-neck speed. The most mancunian … More MIMR Review: Rodents ‘Mad Fer It’