MIMR Review: Slack Alices ‘Tasteful’

MIMR’s new punk saviours Slack Alices strike a match and burn a bright flame on their latest rip-rawing track ‘Tasteful’ released today (1st Feb) The manchester four-piece are certain to go places and this track only cements the predicted glorious path that they will follow this year. The track displays all the hard hitting punk … More MIMR Review: Slack Alices ‘Tasteful’

MIMR Sounds of 2019

It’s now time for the annual celebration of who we think will be the up and coming music acts to make waves in 2019, you will see many of these on the blog throughout the year. Here’s our 10 top picks! Blanketman Abbie Ozard Kidsmoke Crying Beauty Queens Shader Idle Hours Octopus Bleach Body Pleasures … More MIMR Sounds of 2019