MIMR Band Chat: The Sewer Cats

Ready to blow your mind and get you moving, furious, punk duo The Sewer Cats explode onto the blog at break-neck speed and their wild, brutal sound making one of the hottest 2 piece currently on the local scene.

We spoke to the band about their live shows and their plans for next year!

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, tell us about the band and what would you say are your main influences?

TSC: Thanks for having us! We’re a garage punk duo fronted by our drummer, with fuzzy guitar and aggressive vocals. We never set out to be a punk band, but our music just came out raw, loud and energetic. We’re both into a wide variety of music, but our sound is most influenced by classic punk, grunge and riot grrrl.

Photo Credit: @hilton knott

MIMR: How has this year been for the band and what can we expect from you in 2020?

TSC: 2019 has been great; this week marks a year since our first gig! We started the band for a bit of fun and it’s really snowballed from there. We have done loads of local gigs and played some amazing festivals such as Book Yer Ane Fest in Scotland, Nice as Pie in Leeds and Hell Hath No Fury here in Manchester. We recorded a demo this year which you can download for free (or pay what you like) at our Bandcamp. Early next year we’re planning to record and release our first EP, and we’re also looking forward to playing at Strummercamp festival in the summer.

MIMR: You play for Deco Records this friday, what’s the best thing about playing live?

TSC: For us, the BEST thing about being in a band is playing live and we leave everything behind on stage every time we play. It’s so cathartic to get all your angst out in the performance and feed off the energy of a rowdy crowd!

Photo Credit: Nicola Spencer

MIMR: It’s the time of year, everyone full of xmas cheer and all that, what level of excitement do you have over this time of year and do you have any new year resolutions?

TSC: We love Christmas! On our way to our recent gig in Dundee we sang Christmas songs all the way there! We don’t really do new year resolutions, but our hope for 2020 is to see the Tories out of government.

Photo Credit: Nicola Spencer

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to the blog, how can people follow you on social media

TSC: You can find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thesewercatsband/, Instagram @thesewercatsband and download our demo at our Bandcamp https://sewercatsuk.bandcamp.com/. We’re at our best live, so come to Retro on Friday to see us play!

MIMR Review: Pondarosa ‘Sooner or Later’

A brand new band now on the blog and one that will be sure to feature heavily on MIMR into next year, jangle pop 5 piece Pondarosa are here to dazzle and excite.

New track ‘Sooner or Later’ released Nov 29th is a delightful and mesmerising insight into the bands effortless shoegazey sound which is very endearing.

Glittery guitars and frenetic beats give the track a real sense of purpose and it’s a statement of intent from another new Manchester band that could have it’s sights set much higher, bring on 2020.

Listen to the track here:

MIMR Review: Grimm Twins: Summer Of Love

With their brand new single released Nov 15 thru new london based record label, Notting Hill Arts Club Recordings, Macclesfield Goth-pop band Grimm Twinns sparkle and shine with their upbeat anthem ‘Summer Of Love’ which is sure to warm you up and lift the winter gloom.

The 5 piece previously featured on the blog under the guise of Hot Vestry a few years ago, have released 3 singles this year, gaining significant momentum each time and proving that this change in name and musical direction has very much worked for the best.

Eerie synths, striking riffs and some bellowing vocals make this track one to rejoice too, listen to it here and find out for yourself!

MIMR Review: Leisure Theory ‘Signifying Practice’

With upcoming Manchester shows and a vision to expand his sound to new levels in 2020, Jake Smith AKA Leisure Theory release the follow up to MIMR fave track ‘Subjects’ the equally well-crafted and suplime ‘Signifying Practice’ which is another enchanting journey into his rich and ever pleasing sound.

With well layered synths sprinkled throughout the track, pure and blissfully vocals and a refreshing beat that is hard not to sway too.

In a recent interview with us Jake revealed that these new tracks were what to expect going into next year where further releases are planned, creating a expansive catalogue of songs to create a energetic snd varied live set.

Keep your eye on Jake’s movements next year, Leisure Theory are going places!

Check out the new single here:

MIMR Playlist No.6

Grotbags ‘Big Baby’

The opening track on this edition of MIMR Playlist and their very 1st appearance on the blog, it’s a pleasure to have local heroes Grotbags and it’s long overdue for sure.

The quirky pop/rock quartet, who are the self-proclaimed ‘Greatest Band In The World’ if you go by there rapturous track ‘Hiya’ whilst also stating they write songs about food and snogging, are ready and raring to embark on the release of their long awaited debut record early next year.

The 10 track album out Valentines day includes the brilliant track ‘Big Baby’ which is a catchy, infectious song, with a concoction of delightful synths and striking riffs.

Make them your favourite band!

The 99 Degree ‘Flatline’

Taken from their recent released EP ‘El Monstruo’ MIMR welcome back the silky, bluesy/garage rock tones of The 99 Degree to the blog.

Having featured last on the blog a couple of years ago when they’re brilliant ‘Boot Hill Surf Club’ record was amongst our best EPs of that year, their return is much needed and very neccesary.

‘Flatline’ is a dark and dingey monster awoken by electrifying guitars and bruising beats, it’s a bluesy rock crusade that echoes through your brain and pushes all the right buttons! El Magnific!

Those Fucking Snowflakes ‘Vegan Sausage Rolls vs Gammon Faced Vampires’

One of the loudest discoveries on the blog in recent times return to Playlist with their latest track and it’s another squash-buckling, ear-blasting experience.

Blackpool punk 3 piece Those Fucking Snowflakes unleash the latest cut from their upcoming EP ‘U OK HUN’ out 6th Dec and it’s another journey into there outlandish and crazy world.

Bellowing vocals, crashing beats and some blistering riffs explode into a track that consumes you.

The music video is a hilarious take on world affairs with Greta Thunberg fighting Piers Morgan amongst other comedic antics, it serves as a reminder to the current state of the affairs in our country which has reached equally laughable levels.

Can we celebrate 2 things very soon TFS new EP and the tories doing one, stick that in your pipe Boris and smoke it!

Threads ‘Sequels’

Another band back after some time away from the blog are Manchester post-punk maestros Threads with some brand new recordings that show their ever-changing sound and why their place on the Manchester scene is intriguing and vital in equal measure.

Taken from their recent ‘CASSETTE’ release, which also includes a newer version of their epic 2017 track ‘Chlorine’ (previously featured on MIMR Playlist) ‘Sequels’ echoes effortlessly, refurberating your brain, with robust, heavy riffs and heartfelt vocals reaching a crusendo of noise which is hard to compare to.

Produced through a 4 track tape machine, the band continue their dedicated passion to do their music on their own terms and as we start the countdown to 2020, let’s hope Threads let their music do the talking in the near future.

Foxglove ‘Blind’

Out earlier this month, indie-pop quartet Foxglove add another track of considerable note, building their already strong singles collection.

‘Blind’ is a upbeat, bouncy track with mesmerising synths and glorious vocals which sparkle and shine, with some effervescent melodies running through the track effortlessly.

As we head into 2020 Foxglove are in a good place and with a recent appearance on BBC introducing under their belts, it’s sure to be a year of only good things, you’d have to be ‘blind’ not to see that too.

The video for Those Fucking Snowflakes track is here:

MIMR Band Chat: Sprinters

With the most anticipated records of this year now out, one of MIMR favourite bands Sprinters return to the blog and we spoke to Neil from the band about the album, Kanye West and getting back to gigging.

MIMR: It’s brilliant to have one of MIMR favourite bands at the moment on the blog, how would you describe your sound to any potential new listener?

Neil: Thanks for having us. It’s Indie rock with elements of surf and indie pop. A lot of people also describe us as lo-fi, but I think the new album steered away from that.

MIMR: So your new album has been out a few weeks now and it’s one of faves of this year at MIMR. How was this produced and were they’re anything you did differently compared to the last record?

Neil: We did this one completely different from the first. Our drummer Sam convinced me to let him record it at his new studio in Chorley. We recorded the first album live relying on capturing good performances and then did overdubs. We tracked Struck Gold the proper way so to speak, laying down the drums and bass, then all the guitars, keys then vocals. It took a while as we would get into the sessions usually after work or the weekends, that and I’m a perfectionist, and apparently a nightmare to record with it.
Some of the sessions got quite tense: I’m use to knowing what I want and just doing that, but everyone contributed to the production of this one. A funny memory in particular is when we recorded ‘The Light’ one Saturday afternoon, I think it was the last song we recorded and me and Sam almost ended up in a brawl over the songs production.

MIMR: Playing the new record live must be the end point to the process, are you happy to get out to people and how did the launch gig go?

Neil: Yes we’re all pretty pleased it’s finally out. I could mix an album forever but eventually you have to let it go. The album launch was really nice to play the new stuff finally. Playing with two of our favourite Manchester bands was great also (Secret Admirer & Spengler)

MIMR: Looking ahead to next year, what plans do you have and are looking to play more gigs further afield if possible?

Neil: We’re currently booking a tour for early next year and hope to get back out there playing again. We took 2018 off to record and we’ve missed playing shows.

MIMR: The title of the record and it’s opening track is called ‘Struck Gold’ and it’s the perfect opening to the album but if you struck gold, ie: won the lottery or something similiar, what would be your no.1 luxury item you would have to purchase?

Neil: That’s a tough one. I’d probably have to buy something ridiculous. Didn’t Kanye West recently buy a gold toilet? Probably that. Maybe a PR person too as I’m shocking at social media.

MIMR: Thanks once again to chatting to MIMR and we will continue to enjoy your new record. How can people listen to the record?

Neil: The record is on all streaming platforms now via Meritorio Records. And it’s available to buy on vinyl at our bandcamp – https://sprinters.bandcamp.com

MIMR Band Chat: Deadwing

Another band hitting the stage tonight at Deco Records latest residency gig at The Railway are Deadwing and they’re sure to get you in the right mood. They took the time out to speak to us ahead of their show.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, how best would you describe your sound and what are your main influences?

Deadwing: Thanks for having us! We describe ourselves as gothic psychedelic rock taking inspiration from a wide variety of influences like Led Zeppelin, Marillion, Elder and Daughter.

MIMR: How has this year been for the band and what can we expect from you in the near future?

Deadwing: This year has been crazy for the band as we aren’t even a year old. We’ve gone through a lineup change, released a single and a music video and done loads of gigs in the North! we are releasing our second single on 29th November and are having a single release party at Retro in Manchester on 4th December!

MIMR: Super to see you on the bill for Deco Records showcase this friday, what can we expect to see from one of your live shows?

Deadwing: We’re really excited to play the Deco Records showcase! You can expect Atmospheric, Doomy loud-ness from one of our sets.

MIMR: If you could learn to play a different instrument which one would it be and why?

Ellie: I’d learn how to play guitar

Dragos: I’d play drums because drums are the driving force of the band!

Jake: I would play bass because bass is cool.

Jack: I’d learn Piano because I can only play Mad World.

MIMR: Thanks for dropping by and giving us the lowdown on the band, how can people follow you on social media?

Deadwing: We are on Facebook and Instagram under @deadwingband!
We are also on all streaming sites as Deadwing

MIMR Band Chat: Exhalers

As we prepare for another Deco Records Residency gig at The Railway, one if the bands gracing the stage will be punk trio Exhalers and they dropped by for a quick chat ahead of their set.

MIMR: It’s my pleasure to have you on the blog, who are Exhalers and how best would you describe your sound?

Exhalers: Exhalers play energetic garagey punk. 3 of us, 2 guitars and a drummer. Shaun’s on drums. Tom’s on rhythm guitar. Rhys is on vocals and lead. We like to make loud noises.

MIMR: Thrilled to see on Deco Records showcase gig this friday, how do you prepare for gigs in general and who is the most organised?

Exhalers: Can’t wait for Friday, cheers for having us on the bill. Couple of pints and a practice. Most organised – definitely Tom.

MIMR: What’s your favourite thing about playing live?

Exhalers: Making a racket and going ballistic. It’s good shit.

MIMR: What’s been your most memorable gig so far you’ve played as a band?

Exhalers: Our gig at Haus a few weeks back was pretty sick – was packed out. A bunch of mates came down so it was great fun. One of our best performances too.

MIMR: Thanks again for chatting to us, have a great gig on friday, how can people follow you on social media?

Exhalers: All the medias. Follow all the medias. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube. @exhalersband. Keep an eye out for banging tunes on Spotify soon x

MIMR Band Chat: Dolly Shakes

One of the brightest sparks that have shone upon MIMR recently are DIY Pop-punk trio The Dolly Shakes and they the took time out to speak to us about their recent EP and they’re favourite albums

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, who are The Dolly Shakes and how best would you describe your sound?

Quina: We are a 3-piece DIY band from Manchester – made up of myself, Jessica and Liam. Jessica and we met a couple of years ago when I put a poster out looking for women to form a band with, and then Liam – who was helping us record and produce our music anyway – joined us as our drummer… we needed a drummer for our first gig so he jumped on the cajon for us and he’s stuck with us since! How would we describe our sound…

Jessica: I tell people we’re DIY-pop-punk.
Quina: Yeah, that’s fair… with songs about silly things… we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

MIMR: Been enjoying your latest EP immensely, where was it put together and are you happy with how it turned out and the reception it has recieved?

Quina: Yes we’re so happy! We put it together over the last year and it’s all recorded in my flat. It’s been a massive learning curve – we didn’t realise how long it would take. We thought we could get it ready for the summer but we kept on adding new songs to it and it ended up taking until October… but that was nice because it was exactly one year since we released our first ever single, and it’s cool to see what we’ve achieved in a year when neither of us have been in a band before! And we’re so happy with the reception.

Jessica: I’m really happy with how many people have got in touch with us and listened to it, even people we don’t know!
Quina: We can’t believe how the word has spread considering we don’t have a promoter – it’s just us sat on social media and playing small gigs.

MIMR: What does the future hold for the band as we head into next year?

Jessica: More gigs! And more music! We want to play more around Manchester and get some new songs recorded too.

MIMR: What have been your 3 favourite albums you’ve listened to this year?

Quina: I’d have to say Shonen Knife’s album ‘Sweet Candy Power’. They’re a massive inspiration to me coz they sing silly songs about things like food and lost sunglasses… they have inspired a sad ukulele song that I wrote actually coz I went to the shop and there was no sushi left… it’s like a homage to them, hopefully we can record that next year!

Jessica: ‘Tiny Changes’ by Frightened Rabbit… and loads of bands who are friends of theirs. It’s covers of all the songs from one of FR’s old albums, which the band was putting together when Scott, the lead-man, really sadly died last year. Each band brings their individual sound to each song, and the whole thing just has this sad but beautiful vibe about it, like a tribute to Scott’s genius.

Liam: (Liam wasn’t with us while we did this interview – but we asked him to tell us his fave album of 2019 and he said ‘Rammstein’… by Rammstein because it’s a mix of all their best styles!)

MIMR: Thanks a lot for chatting to us, how can people follow you on social media and check out the EP?

Quina: At the moment the EP is only available on Bandcamp, although we hope to upgrade to Spotify and some bigger platforms in the new year… but please check out thedollyshakes.bandcamp.com to stream it for free or download it for cheap, or you can even order the physical CD (it comes with a lovely illustrated booklet with artwork by Jessica and in a limited edition hand-printed case).

Jessica: And our social media is @thedollyshakes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – please follow us or get in touch!

MIMR Band Chat: Yuka Tree

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, tell us about the band and how best would you describe your music?

Yuka Tree: Plant punk

MIMR: Thrilled to see you on Deco Records latest line up this coming Saturday, how do you prepare for gigs and what’s the best thing about playing gigs?

Yuka Tree: We usually drive down with a discussion of which MP hasn’t resigned for the awful things they’ve done that week, intertwined with updates of recent times Joe has wet the bed, plus some frustration at not being able to contact Louis because he’s used up all his data watching The Mummy 2, again. We also put on and discuss songs or albums that we’ve each been listening to. There’s quite a range of musical interests in the band so that keeps things interesting and encourages us to expand our intake. When we get to the venue we’ll nip to the nearest shop for some tinnies and get in the mood.
The best thing about playing gigs is just getting up there and doing our thing, something that we’ve created together. It’s also nice to play in new places, seeing different communities.

MIMR: Looking ahead, what can we expect to see from you guys in the near future, more gigs, releases etc?

Yuka Tree: We’re currently finalising the release of our first single, with an independent label based in Manchester that has recently put out some great songs. We recorded it at The Warren Studios in Sheffield, with some great producers who worked on the recent Fat White Family album that was made there. It’s high energy social criticism and captures a lot of what we’re about. This was recorded back in July, so we’re really looking forward to sharing it now.

MIMR: We don’t like getting polictical on MIMR but it’s hard not to ignore the current shit-show that is going on. If you could write a song about any political subject or person what/who would it be and why?

Yuka Tree: A shit-show indeed. Some of our songs are quite political, with topics such as societal norms and inclusivity. One thing that I’ve been reading about recently, and is really important to refute, is this concept of fatalism. Which is the idea that things just are the way they are, that’s how they have always been, and there’s nothing we can do to change it. You only have to look back through recent history to see that’s clearly not the case, and that social change always comes from the bottom up. But this idea is a real barrier to political engagement, I’ve heard so many people I know talk like this. I think that’s probably a symptom of the interests of working class communities being systematically and repeatedly ignored. Anyway I reckon there’s a decent tune in there somewhere.

MIMR: Thanks for joining us on the blog, look forward to seeing you at the gig on Saturday. How can people follow you on social media?

Yuka Tree: Thanks for having us and taking an interest in new music. It’s encouraging to see new bands like Rodents who are doing something genuinely interesting, so it’s a pleasure to join the line-up for this one.



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