MIMR Review: Creature ‘Reborn’

MIMR is always partial to a bit of fuzzed up grunge action and Creature from Newcastle are exactly what’s needed to blow the cobwebs away from your head.

With a few releases now under their belt since their birth in late 2016, this latest track ‘Reborn’ is a pulsating and non-stop attack on the senses, spiralling riffs, thunderous beats are congealed together to make a noise which is like a bolt of lightning!

The ‘Creature’ has awoken, make sure you are prepared to handle it’s ferociousness!

Here’s the track:

Check them out on socials here:

facebook – https://facebook.com/wearecreature

soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/creature-uk

instagram – https://instagram.com/creatureband

youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvmh1sSFhQ14obVS_9xaVww

MIMR Review: The Lucid Dream ‘SX1000’

Ten years have past with many ups and downs but The Lucid Dream lives on with the much anticipated 1st glimpse into what to expect from album 4 and ‘SX1000’ delivers on many different levels to what your used to from the Carlisle foursome.

Released 6th April on limited 12″ the track is soaked in pulsating acid house beats and an intensity which is hard not to move to. Influenced heavily by the UK and US house scene circa late 80/early 90s when happy pils were passed around like milkybars, the track is proof that the band ain’t afraid to experiment with different music styles and while it’s departure from their well crafted Psych prowess and the ambient fusion created on 2016 excellent ‘Compulsion Songs’ in particular, its safe to say that they will forever push boundaries and strife to be forward thinking.

They celebrate the release with shows in London and Manchester early next month and MIMR reckons it will be well worth it, see you on the dancefloor!

Here’s the video:

Tour Dates:

The Victoria, London 5th April

Band On The Wall, Manchester 6th April

MIMR Review: Gravves ‘Power Bomb Baby’

Rip-roaring they’re way back on the blog are MIMR fave noise-rockers Gravves with their atomic new track ‘Power Bomb Baby’ another example of the thrill a second racket the north walian trio can produce.

‘Oh, The Joy’ a 6 track EP is set to be released April 27th through Loner Noise Records and it has all the makings of being a record that will eclipse their previous endeavours.

Power Bomb Baby is in your face, loud, boistrous and a lightning track, full of frantic vocals, crashing beats and blistering guitars.

Now the band are all set to unleash their fury back on the live circuit with the trio already having secured some notable festival slots including 2 performances at this years Focus Wales.

So it’s a no brainer, Gravves are here to stay and their latest efforts are going to blow your socks off, ‘Oh the joy’ indeed!

The video premiered over at Upset Magazine yesterday. Stay tuned to the blog for more from Gravves coming very soon!


MIMR Special feature: International Womens Day

As today is a celebration of all that women in all walks of life acheive and conquer every day, MIMR thought it would highlight the female fronted acts that have featured on the blog in the past with their musical talents inspiring a whole new generation, may this continue in the future.

Here’s the list


The Empty Page


Maisie Johnson


Jade Mannion

False Advertising


Baby Brave

MIMR would like to thank everyone for creating some great music and bringing so much joy to so many people along the way.

MIMR Video Exclusive: Airstrikes ‘CODE’

As featured on a recent MIMR Playlist, electronic maestros Airstrikes from Liverpool gave us lucky souls the first look at their latest video ‘CODE’ taken from their 2 track EP released last month. The video harbours back to vintage green cross code adverts with the slogan ‘be smart…be safe’ including the classic Kevin Keegan 70s mullet making a nostalgic and amusing appearance.

The track itself has a hypnotic power which is menacing and fierce to the core, showing off Airstrikes prowess at their electric craft. If this doesn’t get stuck to your brain after one listen then be smart! and listen again.

Check out the video here:

The EP can be listened to here:

MIMR Review: La Bete Blooms ‘Take Arms’

Post-punkers La Bete Blooms make a very joyous return to the blog with another dozage of that gritty and magnetic sound we have all come to expect.

‘Take Arms’ released yesterday (6th March) through Adult Teeth is delivered as a rallying cry, shouted from the rooftops with frantic energy and gusto.

Photo: Hollie Rosa Warren

Blistering riffs and fizzing synths run through the track like adrenaline being rushed through your body, get your fix now!

Here’s the video:

MIMR Review: Jade Mannion: Hand On The Door

One of the most exciting solo artists in Manchester at the moment Jade Mannion softly demonstrates her knack for a beautifully crafted track with the glowing ‘Hand On The Door’ released last week.

Haunting vocals and a soothing, ambient sound is a breath of fresh air and MIMR is lost in it’s peaceful, trance-like feeling it conveys.

You can see Jade with her full band playing at this years ‘Sound From The Other City’ Festival in Salford in May, certainly one of the artists to check out.

Superb video by Elle Bulger is here to be enjoyed: