MIMR Review: Jessica Luise ‘Television Mister’

Released today (Aug 20th) the latest track to whistle it’s way into our mind is the new single by singer-songwriter Jessica Luise one of the many talented acts to have been picked up by our good friends over at Petty Management. Television Mister’ is her 2nd official single and her 1st with a full bandContinue reading “MIMR Review: Jessica Luise ‘Television Mister’”

MIMR Band Chat: Yard Act

Emerging as one of best new bands around, rock outfit Yard Act from Leeds with their brand of¬†orchestral post-punk goodness are ready to bring their jaunty sound to the masses They spoke to us about their beginnings, house renovation and garden parties MIMR: Thrilled to have you on the blog, tell us a brief introductionContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat: Yard Act”

MIMR Review: The Goa Express ‘Be My Friend’

With a first appearance on MIMR, garage-rock 5 piece The Goa Express brightly illuminate with their crushing no-nonsense noise which grips you to the very core. Grumbling under the radar of the northern towns for a little while, they set their sails with this latest track released earlier this month firmly catapulting them into ourContinue reading “MIMR Review: The Goa Express ‘Be My Friend’”

MIMR Band Chat: Wood Ewe

Taking his dreamy alt-pop sound and creative a soundscape that is both engrossing and enlightening is equal measure, the Wood Ewe project created by Iain Henderson has firmly become one of MIMR more interesting finds of recent times. We spoke to Iain about the recent single, the lockdown and the future plans of the project.Continue reading “MIMR Band Chat: Wood Ewe”

MIMR Review: TOEGB ‘I’m Glad You Caught Me When You Did’

With their much anticipated new track The One Eyed General’s Bandit swoop back on the blog with another slice of indie/blues goodness and you won’t resist to press that repeat button over and over. The manchester trio meld the classic 90s indie sound with a concotion of bluesy riffs and country style melodies that rumblesContinue reading “MIMR Review: TOEGB ‘I’m Glad You Caught Me When You Did’”

MIMR Review: Suave Martyrs ‘Footsteps’

Released last friday (10th July) one of the brightest sparks flying around Manchester are psych-rock act Suave Martyrs with a welcome return to the blog, their new single ‘Footsteps’ firmly captures their enchanting sound. First coming to our attention in early 2019, the mancunian quartet have grown into a band that has all the toolsContinue reading “MIMR Review: Suave Martyrs ‘Footsteps’”

MIMR Review: Woman You Stole ‘Evelyn’

Awakening from the gloom of the never-ending lockdown and the disappearance of live music we all love, Manchester Alt-pop trio Woman You Stole make a glorious return to the blog with this their 3rd demo track released during this difficult period we are all facing. The gloom is lifted from the outset though as aContinue reading “MIMR Review: Woman You Stole ‘Evelyn’”