MIMR Review: Salt The Snail ‘Junkyard Cat’

Kicking off their 2020 in style, northern noise merchants Salt The Snail kick their boots off with garage-punk fuelled new single ‘Junkyard Cat’ which lays a considerable marker down for what to expect from the crazy quartet. The track is filled to the brim with cutting, explosive vocals, electrifying riffs and ferocious beats which createContinue reading “MIMR Review: Salt The Snail ‘Junkyard Cat’”

MIMR Review: The Early Mornings ‘Artificial Flavour’

With a rip-rawing beginning to the new decade and sure to be one of your favourite hidden gems from the DIY Manchester musicscene, post-punk trio The Early Mornings stepped out into the limelight with their recently released debut single turning many people’s heads with their fresh, clean cut sound. After a string of soundcloud demos,Continue reading “MIMR Review: The Early Mornings ‘Artificial Flavour’”