MIMR Review: Leisure Theory ‘Bend and Break’

With his first glorious effort of 2020 and of the upcoming EP, Jake Smith aka Leisure Theory launches his eccletic sound to another level with this euphoric electro-pop track. Having already entised up throughout 2019 with such singles as ‘Profile’ and ‘Signifying Practice’ the manchester based project headed by Jake enters the next stage withContinue reading “MIMR Review: Leisure Theory ‘Bend and Break’”

MIMR Band Chat: The Battery Farm

MIMR is back after some time away and with the current sitiation we are all facing and uncertainty how long it will be before live gigs can return, it’s been refreshing to still see new music being released and the lengths some bands have gone to engage with listeners. One of MIMR favourite acts currentlyContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat: The Battery Farm”

Girl Afraid New Single ‘Dutch Courage’ Lives Up To The Hype

Five-piece Girl Afraid, who nest in Kingston Upon Hull have unleashed new track ‘ Dutch Courage’. It’s a perfect example of modern indie rock with guitar-driven chorus’ and a vocal which takes no prisoners with its rawness. The track for me is entirely up to my indie standard. It kicks off with a grungy lowContinue reading “Girl Afraid New Single ‘Dutch Courage’ Lives Up To The Hype”

MIMR Top Picks in association with Scruff Of the Neck

Here at MIMR we recognise that Scruff Of the Neck is currently one of the best record labels around and it’s finally getting national recognition for it’s true dedication to the music industry and enabling artists to fulfill their potential. Based in Manchester SOTN put on numerous high profile gigs and tours for new andContinue reading “MIMR Top Picks in association with Scruff Of the Neck”

MIMR Review: Persian Rug Sale ‘Catch Me If You Can’

Huddersfield punkers Persian Rug Sale soar onto MIMR with no nonsense thrills and spills with brand new single ‘Catch Me If You Can’ released yesterday (Feb 28th) The track rip-raws along at lightning speed, frantic riffs, stomping beats and cutting, in your face vocals make for an anthem thats screams for you to put itContinue reading “MIMR Review: Persian Rug Sale ‘Catch Me If You Can’”