MIMR Review: Berries ‘Wild Vow’

Berries have been cited in many top tens and had airplay on Amazing Radio and XFM, deservedly so. Their live shows have a reputation of being fierce. The band sound like they have locked themselves in a garage and emerged bleary eyed with this riffy-guitar led new single. The vocals are Cranberries-esque (not everyone mightContinue reading “MIMR Review: Berries ‘Wild Vow’”

MIMR Review: Seegulls ‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat’

Seegulls have always had a driving drumbeat bolstering their songs, their last release Seegulls EP matches that with clever guitar riffs that gave more of the indie sound they have come to be compared to, the likes of The Strokes etc. This new tune Eat, Lazarus, Eat has that same solid beat but with lessContinue reading “MIMR Review: Seegulls ‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat’”