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MIMR Band Chat: Freeda

After a short time away MIMR is back bringing you the best in new music from Manchester and beyond, this next band are one of my favourite finds in our time away. Freeda are a indie-rock 5 piece from Mossley and they are reasy to unleash their sound on the masses this year.

MIMR spoke to the band ahead of their busy plans and to give a lowdown on Freeda.

MIMR: How did the band start up and was it clear from the beginning what musical direction you would take?

Freeda: We’ve all been in different bands for the past few years. AJ, Barton Cam and Cal were in a band in school and we met Sean in college. After a few line-up changes we finally decided to settle last year as Freeda.

We started out playing a lot more blues-influenced stuff but our sound has slowly evolved into something more modern.

MIMR: Tell us about your recently released debut single, are you glad to have it out there for the world to see?

Freeda: Definitely! Working with Sugar House was a really cool experience. Having an outside opinion helped shape the song and take it to a new level.

Lyrically, it’s about hiding behind a facade which we’re all guilty of sometimes. As a first single, we wanted to release an instant-hitter – something that will get people on their feet.

MIMR: Whats the rest of 2018 hold for the band?

Freeda: We’ve got Cotton Clouds later in the year and a headline slot at Soup Kitchen on 9th June.

We’ve recently been back in the studio with Sugar House recording our second single, ‘Go Home’ which will be out on 31st May.

We’re continuing to write new material and record demos ahead of our next recording session in August.

MIMR: What’s your favourite music venue in Manchester?

Freeda: In terms of venues we’ve played at, we really like Academy 3 and Band on The Wall for the sound and set-up. It’s always mint to play on the same stage that you’ve seen some of your favourite bands on.

We’re also really looking forward to playing Soup Kitchen. It’s probably one of the best venues around for up and coming bands.

We love Apollo and The Ritz and they’re both certainly venues we aim to play at in the future.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting with MIMR, how can people follow you on social media?

Freeda: Our handle is @freedaband and you can find our socials on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We recently launched our Music Glue at

Plug it in on spotify:

MIMR Review: Sam Leoh ‘Outside In’ (Exclusive)

One of MIMR Sounds of 2018 acts Sam Leoh has given us the exclusive reveal at her new track ‘Outside In’ and MIMR are pleased to showcase the Alt-Pop singer with this brilliant new single.

Hailing from Bolton, Sam has been honing her craft at some live shows in and around Manchester and is sure to succeed with tracks like this. Glowing, pitch perfect vocals and a infectiously catchy beat makes for a glorious sound.

Officially released tomorrow (13th April) it’s the perfect way to dance the night away, Sam Leoh remember the name!

Have a peak at the wonderful track here:

MIMR Review: Jellyskin ‘Judder’

The eerie grumblings of Leeds duo Jellyskin are the next band to grab MIMR attention and their latest track ‘Judder’ pierces your mind.

In a shift away from their more dreamier, noise rock sound of previous efforts, they unleash a more spiky, haunting resonance that is hard to shake off. Jellyskin have boldly and successfully sculptured their sound and MIMR is gripped and mesmerised by their results.

Check out the video here:

MIMR Review: Campfire Social ‘Breathe Out Slowly’

Breaking out of the haze and shining down on your faces is the latest single by MIMR favourite indie-pop act, the ever-glowing Campfire Social which is another top notch effort.

Breathe Out Slowly demonstrates everything to love about the band, perfect melodies, uplifting vocals and the abilty to put a smile on your face instantly.

MIMR once described the band as one of the brightest lights on the blog and it’s safe to say that they still are burning bright, gather around and feel the warmth.

Here’s the track:

MIMR Gig Guide: April

The weather may still be awful but don’t let that get in the way of some top gigs in Manchester this month, 2018 just gets better and better.

Here are a selection of some of MIMR recommended gigs in April.


Floral Scene + Violet Youth @Night and Day Cafe


Kidsmoke supporting Glass Caves @Night and Day Cafe

Falsetival including False Advertising, Darma and Peaness @Soup Kitchen

Demob Happy @Deaf Institute


The Maple State @Jimmy’s

Young States @Aatma

Hey Bulldog, Deja Vega, Freakout Honey @Night People


Finola @Soup Kitchen


La Bete Blooms @The Castle Hotel


Bryde @Gullivers


The Hyena Kill @Deaf Institute

Larkins @Academy 2


Tuesday Live @Zombie Shack feat. Ace Motel and Sam Leoh


Chris Tavener single/DVD launch @Gullivers


Ist Ist @Deaf Institute

MIMR Band Chat: The Maple State

The much anticipated return of Manchester band The Maple State has been on many people lips for quite a while now and finally we can all can rejoice in their brilliant new record.

‘The Things I Heard At The Party’ is a indie-pop delight and incaptures the essence of a band that made so many heads turn and toes tapping back in the mid 2000s.

Their return is very much welcomed on the blog and we got to speak to the band about the record and what they got up to away from the band.

MIMR: Great to have Manchester band The Maple State on the blog, how did the band start up and was it clear from the start what musicial direction it would take?

TMS: Well it’s great to be here on the blog! The band originally started up in 2004, back then we were very influenced by American post-hardcore, emo and indie bands, but we also had a life time of Manchester music behind us so when we first started out writing songs they had the energy of the American punk bands but with our British indie, synth-pop and post-punk influence mixed through. 14 years later there are still nods to all of that stuff in our music, but we’ve introduced more elements to the sound, we’ve more of a mellow vibe now where as back in the 2004 we were very excitable. I listen to a lot of folk, punk and rock n roll music and I find that influences my approach to song writing, while Richard and Christian and William all have far more eclectic tastes and they bring sounds and rhythms and ideas that I never would’ve thought of, so the resultant sound is very much a product of the group. Although we never had a clear direction, our sound has naturally progressed since day one, we always try to write great songs and the palette that we draw from has changed over the years.

MIMR: MIMR are currently enjoying your brilliant new album and are glad that you are back. tell us about the making of the record and are you glad it’s finally out in the world?

TMS: Thank you very much! Glad you’re digging it. This new record was first discussed in December 2015. I had been writing songs under the name Ghost Saddles and I regularly demoed these with our good friend and producer Andrew Farrer. Christian and Richard heard some ideas I had been working on and we decided to progress them further together, from that point we started playing and writing together regularly and developing what turned out to be this new album. When we started to record, there was no real plan to release it, but I started thinking about the lyrics and some of the themes, it really felt like a continuation of stories and ideas from our older music, so I suggested we put it out as The Maple State and as soon as I said it there was just this wonderful excitement and positivity around bringing the band back – it definitely felt like unfinished business. We all work and live in different places so it was a slow process getting the record finished, but now that it’s out there and people can hear it we’re just so happy that we decided to do it and that people are still liking what we do.

MIMR: What’s your favourite gig venue you’ve played and why?

TMS: We played a Christmas party at First Avenue in Minneapolis with Motion City Soundtrack back in 2005, the venue is legendary and it was just a perfect gig. I can’t explain the reason, but when I think back to all the gigs we played, that one stuck in my mind. In the UK though, every time we played King Tut’s in Glasgow is was always brilliant, great venue, great staff and always a good time. More recently though, we played our first show since 2008 at Jimmy’s in Manchester, it’s a relatively new venue, but it’s got great little punk rock vibe and the gig was incredible.

MIMR: Being away from the band for a short while as you were what did you get up to in your spare time to fill the void?

TMS: We all continued to make music in some capacity but outside of that we’ve all followed very different paths; I did my masters last year and now work as a conservation biologist for an organisation in the north of England, Richard is a university lecturer, photographer and runs his own photo book publishing company (, Christian works in software and landed some mad job working on an environmental project with the European space agency, so he’s living over in Copenhagen with his girlfriend, and William lives in London with his girlfriend and dog and works for the PGA European Tour as some sort of media big shot. So…we keep busy.

MIMR: Its been a joy to have you on the blog, welcome back! How can we listen to the new album and find out about upcoming gigs?

TMR: Thanks for having us and supporting what we’re doing, we weren’t even sure that people would remember us so we’ve been blown away by the amount of attention the record is getting, and blogs like this one giving me a chance to prattle on!
The new album ‘The Things I Heard at the Party’ is available on vinyl and digital over at or you can get it on iTunes & Spotify, all the usual places.

We are playing at the Rocksteady in Dalston, London 31st March and then our second Jimmy’s gig in Manchester 13th April. We’re then back in London 22nd April to play a show with our good friends Tellison at the Lexington.
For all updates on everything though, just got to and check the blog, it’s all in there.

MIMR Band Chat: Queasy

2018 has already been a great year for music in Manchester and one of the many successful acts plying their skills are Alt-Rock foursome Queasy which made them the ideal choice to be MIMR featured band of this month.

We spoke to the band ahead of the release of their latest single ‘Fed To The Wolves’ which is out 29th March as well as the launch gig at The Castle Hotel.

MIMR: Great pleasure to have our featured band of the month Queasy on MIMR, tell us about the upcoming single, what’s it about and who in the band takes charge of the songwriting or is it a collective effect as a band?

Queasy: It’s about being powerless, when you do your best but people still shit all over you. There’s always someone that wants to shit on you. All the tunes normally start by jamming. We’ll record bits on phones, listen back and decide whether we should or shouldn’t use it. Jack normally then just tries to make a melody by singing over what the rest of us have done. It’s always nonsense at first, for example he was singing about bathing in bacon the other day, don’t think that’ll stick though. He’ll then write lyrics in his own time and come back with them.

MIMR: You have some headline shows coming up, what’s your favourite thing about playing live?

Queasy: Collectively, probably exercising and it being fun .

MIMR: There’s been a considerable increased buzz around the band since the start of the New Year, what future plans do you have for Queasy?

Queasy: We’ve put a deposit down on a sizeable Caribbean island, so when that’s finalised and we move there, that’ll be good. The NME cover shoot should be good, the Grammys is always a good crack too. We’re also gonna do our first E.P in the summer, and an autumn tour to support it.

MIMR: What other bands are currently ones you would recommend we listen out for?

Queasy: Boy Azooga, Psyblings, Voodoo Blood, Sorry, Husky Loops, Salt the Snail, Emperor Phunk, Rival Bones, Jane Doe, Slowhandclap, Good foxy, Little illusion machine, Chalk, Desert storm, Shame, Premium leisure, Scruffy bear, Maruja to name a few.

MIMR: Many thanks to being on the blog, its been a joy to have you as our featured band of the month, how can people follow you on social media?

Queasy: Everything is @queasyuk apart from our Snapchat which is hotsweatymen93