MIMR Band Chat presents: Sparrowhawks

From the Welsh borders, alt-folk group Sparrowhawks have delighted MIMR and many others with their 3rd Release ‘Cool Your Blood Down’ out last month. It was a joy to get a few words from the band where they shared with us their influences, how the recent release came together and the dangers of bass guitarsContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat presents: Sparrowhawks”

MIMR Band Chat presents: Love Buzzard

Next to join MIMR Band Chat are psych rockers Love Buzzard, their no messing about, high energy sound has been a joy to MIMR ears over the last few months. I was fortunate enough to catch up with the band and on the agenda was everything from the bands origins and their favourite bands toContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat presents: Love Buzzard”

MIMR Venues: The Castle Hotel, Manchester

From the first time I stepped in this small, Victorian-esque pub I knew it would be somewhere that I would certainly be coming back to again and again. This historical building has had its place in the heart of Manchester for over 200 years. It also has its story to tell with the History ofContinue reading “MIMR Venues: The Castle Hotel, Manchester”

MIMR Band Chat presents: Kidsmoke

It’s safe to say that I’ve been looking forward to this band appearing on MIMR for quite a while now, introducing Kidsmoke, a alternative band who’s fantastic stage presence and excellent songwriting will surely reap the rewards in 2015, if there’s one band I want everyone to get behind its these guys MIMR was privilegedContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat presents: Kidsmoke”

MIMR Playlist Nov 13

1. Horsebeach ‘Even’ Another Manchester band featuring on the playlist are Horsebeach, bringing their mix of 80s jangle pop and indie to the forefront of the local scene. This track is taken from their self titled record released this summer and draws comparsions to MIMR favourites Real Estate and Mac Demarco. With whispers that theyContinue reading “MIMR Playlist Nov 13”

MIMR LIVE: NME gig Nov 6th featuring Superfood, Honeyblood and Man Made

The NME gigs over the years, in their many disguises, have always thrown up many bands that have gone massive afterwards, just look at Royal Blood and what has happened to them since appearing 2nd on a bill of 4 bands at the NME tour earlier in the year, their now jaw droppingly big. ThisContinue reading “MIMR LIVE: NME gig Nov 6th featuring Superfood, Honeyblood and Man Made”