MIMR Review: Hey Bulldog ‘The People That You Know’

It’s a glorious moment indeed to have Manchester music scene heavyweights Hey Bulldog back on the blog. Having first featured on the blog after seeing them play a gig at Night and Day Cafe a few years ago now, the fierce rock trio continue to nail down some blistering tunes, with their new single ‘TheContinue reading “MIMR Review: Hey Bulldog ‘The People That You Know’”

MIMR Review: Supera Morza ‘Roadkill’

Here at MIMR we have spent championing new music from Manchester and Beyond and sometimes we stumble across a act with something bit special. Grunge quartet Supera Morza fall perfectly into this category and MIMR has been sucked into their already considerable buzz around the 4 piece and their explosive sound. After their eye-popping debutContinue reading “MIMR Review: Supera Morza ‘Roadkill’”

MIMR Band Chat: Ether Mech

Awoken from the lockdown Manchester trio Ether Mech look all set to blast their way into your conscious with their hell raising noise punk sound. We spoke to the band about their beginnings, future plans and gigging   MIMR: Welcome to the blog, let’s get straight into the beginnings of the band, how long haveContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat: Ether Mech”

MIMR Review: The Battery Farm ‘Roy Keane Isn’t Real

The Evidence is compelling and the verdict must be now unanimous that infact the person we all know as Roy Keane isn’t real and it’s Manchester’s and our favourite conveyors of viseral, punk angst The Battery Farm that have come to this damming and accurate conclusion. Their new single which is taken from their highlyContinue reading “MIMR Review: The Battery Farm ‘Roy Keane Isn’t Real”

MIMR Review: Crapsons ‘That Bit Between Christmas and New Year’

MIMR’s favourite punk duo Crapsons return to the blog with their latest offering ‘That Bit Between Christmas and New Year’ released via Society of Losers records, delivered in a ferocious and explosive manner that we all have come to expect from the wirral twosome. My experience of that time of year when i was youngerContinue reading “MIMR Review: Crapsons ‘That Bit Between Christmas and New Year’”

MIMR Review: Loose Articles ‘Kick Like a Girl’

With the Euro’s in full swing and the local boozers now open again, we can all finally start to enjoy a few jars whilst cheering and singing at 22 men kicking a football. Ferocious, Manchester post-punk quartet Loose Articles are kitted up and ready to join in the summer bonanza of footy with their newContinue reading “MIMR Review: Loose Articles ‘Kick Like a Girl’”

MIMR Band Chat: The Heavy North

With the pandemic showing no sign of easing anytime soon, how ever much we all hope it does, new music never stops to be produced and that’s where one of MIMR newest discoveries The Heavy North really shine with their gritty rock sound. I spoke to the band about their EP, pandemic activities and festivalContinue reading “MIMR Band Chat: The Heavy North”

MIMR Review: The Be Positives ‘It’s Easy (If You Try)

In a long overdue inclusion on the blog, Manchester melodic pop quartet The be Positives glide themselves effortlessly into our hearts with their pre xmas single (Dec 15th) and certainly was one of MIMR favourite tracks to end the troublesome year that was 2020. Produced at the start of the 1st lockdown, a vintage 60sContinue reading “MIMR Review: The Be Positives ‘It’s Easy (If You Try)”