Here at MIMR we are constantly seeking out the best new music from Manchester and beyond, one of our most recent discoveries are the loud and energetic GIRLCRUSH

We spoke to the band ahead of the release of their latest single and a string of upcoming gigs.

MIMR: Who are GIRLCRUSH and what would you say are your biggest influences on your music?

Mia – Alice and I make very queer garage rock, like the lesbian daugher of FIDLAR and Sleater Kinney.

Alice – We love a real range of artists, lyrically Lil Peep and Joy Division are a massive influence even if their sound isn’t reflected as obviously in our music.

MIMR: So your new single is out next month, listened to it a lot and it’s a brilliant track. Tell us what’s it about and what process do you undertake when producing the track?

Mia – So ‘I Don’t Like Your Boyfriend’ is mainly about this thing called ‘compulsory heterosexuality’, or ‘comp het’, which is this feeling when you’re coming of age as a queer person that you somehow must be straight, or just have some attraction to men. Patriarchy tells us that love is violent, that to love is cut away at parts of yourself in order to better appease a male partner, and so queer love can often be unexpected because it doesn’t take that brutalising form. When I talk to other lesbians, often those young experiences of intimacy we don’t realise are actually gay as fuck until many years later, because simply it was ‘too good’ to be what we thought was love. This song is about, on first listen, having a crush on a friend who has a boyfriend and wishing they were gay — which is something I think a lot of us experience — but at a deeper level it’s about the liberatory joy of queer love, throwing off the chains of expectation, ‘this is everything were told / that love could never be’. 

MIMR: How was being in the band during the pandemic and what things have you enjoyed doing since the restrictions have eased?

Mia – Hard *laughs*. 

Alice – Obviously it was a very difficult time for everyone, but as a band just beginning to find its feet, not being able to practice together was a huge hindrance. We had a lot of phone calls and videos of us practicing sent back and forth to try and make the best of it, but honestly I think that really proved to each other how committed we were to making this band happen and the music we want to make. I definitely got a lot better at the drums over lockdown, mainly because I had fuck all else to do! *laughs*

MIMR: A little bit linked to your name this one, we all have a celebrity crush, mine when i was younger was Cat Deeley who did that saturday morning show with Ant and Dec. Do you have any celebrity crushes at all?

Alice – Mae Martin, Robert Pattinson but just in the Twilight films, and Megan Fox.

Mia – Deffo love Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body also. We would love to do a music video themed around that film some day. 

MIMR: As we creep towards the end of the year 2021, what does the future hold for the band?

Alice – Big things! We’re hoping to release some more singles that we recorded with David Radahd-Jones at Red City Recordings in the summer. Then it’s gigs, gigs, and more gigs! 

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us on the blog, good luck with the single. How can people follow you on social media?

Mia – We are @girlcrushnoise on Instagram and Facebook. We are also on YouTube if you just search GIRLCRUSH — although you may get some K-pop fancams.

Alice – And that country song.

Mia – *laughs* We’re really bad at SEO. Our next gig is 29th October at The Grafton for Deco Records and then 6th November at Peer Hat supporting Furrowed Brow.

We also want to shout out our headline show on 8th November at Peer Hat for Top Notch. We are raising money for our friend Chris’ top surgery, and there’s loads of great queer and trans artists on the bill, so come along, give some money to support a trans person in need, and just have a bloody good time. 

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