MIMR Band Chat: Cold Comforts

So it’s been a while….2 whole months infact since the last feature, it’s tough times at the moment and my focus has been away from MIMR recently sadly and apart from the return of the MIMR Podcast, all things new music related have been halted, hopefully this will change from now on and a more steady stream of blog features will resume.

Anyway, MIMR spoke to Kieran from Manchester Alt-Rock quartet Cold Comforts one of our favourite new bands at the moment about the recent single, dealing with the pandemic and future plans for the band

MIMR: Who are Cold Comforts and how did the band began?

Kieran: Cold Comforts is an alt rock passion project led by me (Kieran). I brought together my favourite 3 people to complete the lineup and thus the band became a real thing.

MIMR: What would you say would be the main influences you draw upon in the creating process?

Kieran: I try and draw influence artistically from all around me, music, art, literature etc
Lyrically I often find myself using songs as a form of therapy, turning inward and reflecting on whatever is floating around in my subconscious, which is normally pretty weird

MIMR: The recent single ‘On My Own’ is one of MIMR favourite tracks at the moment, tell us more about the track and how was it releasing it during a pandemic?

Kieran: It’s always nice to know we’ve connected with someone on any level, so thank you!
The track was probably written late 2019 and was a way of me processing a whirlpool of thoughts and emotions post breakup from a long term relationship.
It was certainly chaos trying to work during the pandemic. Thankfully we got in a studio and did drums for this and Far Apart in Jan 2020. Then James (guitarist) and I recorded the rest in our flat. We mixed it and got our other housemate Karl Ziegler to master it, so all done in house, mostly because I’m a cheap bastard..
We had some pretty grand plans for the video which got screwed a few times so the final one is actually the 3rd re-draft, but we still think it looks great!

MIMR: How have the band coped with the obvious problems and frustrations that the virus has caused and are you able to make any plans now theres a bit of hope for the near future?

Kieran: As a band we’ve not struggled too much as I’m the key songwriter, so most of this last year has been useful to create lots of new music. Some of which we’re in the process of recording right now to be released in August.
Much like everyone else we’re eagerly awaiting the safe return of gigs and trying to make some plans surrounding the release in August!

MIMR: We would normally be looking forward to festival season but only ones later in the year look likely to happen. Do the band have any good experiences at festivals they like to share?

Kieran: Weirdly we’ve never actually played a festival yet. We only formed a year prior to the pandemic so it’s pretty hard to get on any lineups because so many are being rolled over from the previous year, understandably.
But we’ve all spent our fair share of time getting stuck in on all the weird shit that goes on when music, humans and certain substances get brought together in a field in the middle of nowhere…

MIMR: Thanks for talking to us and good luck for the rest of the year. How can people follow you on social media?

Kieran: And the same to you my friend!

All the usual socials and listening platforms can be found here: https://linktr.ee/coldcomforts

Listen to recent single ‘On My Own’ here:

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