MIMR Best Albums of 2020

So it’s MIMR final feature of 2020 and we all hope that 2021 will be a lot more back to normal for everyone in the music industry. As we look back on the year, despite the obvious changes that people have had to deal with, a lot of great records were produced.

Here are MIMR’s top 20 albums of the year.

20. Demons of Ruby Mae   ‘We Have All the Time in The World’

19. Orchards  ‘Lovecore’

18. Ghostlawns  ‘Motorik’

17. Kaleiders  ‘Melancholy Undertones’

16. The Lottery Winners ‘The Lottery Winners’

15. Alpha Male Tea Party ‘Infinite Stare’

14. Inego ‘Departures’

13. Wintergreen  ‘The Future Is a Way of Life’

12. SPQR  ‘Ribbons’

11. Peaks  ‘Season’

10. Heavy Salad  ‘Cult Casual’

9. Danny Gruff  ‘Author of My Own Misfortunes’

8. Bethlehem Casuals  ‘The Tragedy of Street Dog’

7. Ist Ist  ‘Architecture’
6. Teenanger  ‘Good Time’

5. Grasshopper  ‘Scuttle’

4. Seazoo  ‘Joy’

3. USA Nails  ‘Character Stop’

2. Grotbags  ‘Grotbags’

1. Kidsmoke  ‘A Vision in the Dark’

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