MIMR Best EPs of 2020

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a year like no other in living memory for everyone and the sudden halt to normal life has hit every community and industry. Despite all of this, musicians have revelled in the challenge, bubbling over their creative juices in the absence of live music to make some cracking records.

Here are MIMR Top 40 EPs

40. Alien Feelings ‘Bondage and Lipstick’

39. Little Ways ‘The 4-3-2-1 EP’

38. Soccer 96 ‘Tactics EP’

37. Sheafs ‘Vox Pop’

36. Yard Arms ‘Sanctuary Lines’

35. Magic Spells ‘Bubbly’

34. The Lathums ‘Ghosts’

33. Origami Tsunami ‘Drift Into The Sun’

32. Joell Jordi ‘Joell Jordi’

31. Pizza Crunch ‘Off Their Heads’

30. Cobain Jones ‘Unplugged’

29. Document ‘A Camera Wanders All Night’

28. Wood Ewe ‘I Love You Too, Disembodied Voice’

27. Persian Rug Sale ‘Love Songs’

26. Seagoth ‘Internet Cafe’

25. SPQR ‘No Brain, No Pain’

24. Roxy Girls ‘A Wealth Of Information’

23. Chihuahua ‘Live At Boxyard’

22. Peaks ‘Saturday Soak EP’

21. Michael Webster ‘Live At Spirit Studios’

20. Cassette Apes ‘Don’t Bring a Drum Machine to a Dogfight’

19. Snooker Season ‘The American Office’

18. Van Houten ‘Home Alone’

17. The Lotts ‘We Are The Lotts’

16. Furrowed Brow ‘Dead Dead Dead Still Digging’

15. Those Fucking Snowflakes ‘Straight White Wealthy Male Suffrage’

14. Stepford Wives ‘Soul Waves’

13. Crapsons ‘Clotheslined By a Nun EP’

12. TV Face ‘Work, Work Have Fun EP’

11. Alex Rave and The Spectical ‘Profound Absurdities’

10. Eitha Da ‘Fizzy’

9. Diving Station ‘June Damp’

8. Threads ‘Teletext’

7. Giant Boys ‘Click & Collect’

6. TV Face ‘Like Dominoes EP’

5. Home Counties ‘Redevelopment EP’

4. Dense ‘Abjection’

3. Leisure Theory ‘Deliverance’

2. The Battery Farm ‘Ending Unstoppable Pain’

1. The Sewer Cats ‘Zelda’

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