MIMR Best tracks of 2020

So this year has been something a bit different to say the least, with our whole lives been changed quite significantly since March. Despite all this there has been a plethora of new music released and it was our tough job to put them in some kind of order and narrow them down to just the best 50, here they are.

50. Nossiennes ‘Vivire’

49. Benji Holmes ‘Move Like A Shark’

48. Joell Jordi ‘Living For Tonight’

47. Cobain Jones ‘Wonder’

46. Thrillhouse ‘Lesser’

45. We Three Kings ‘Savoir Fair’

44. Wood Ewe ‘Commuter’

43. Suave Martyrs ‘Footsteps’

42. The Goa Express ‘Be My Friend’

41. Those Fucking Snowflakes ‘Meat is Murder But Morrissey is a Dickhead’

40. Peaks ‘Knock On Effect’

39. Campfire Social ‘Speak Louder’

38. Springfield ‘Liqourice’

37. Cassette Apes ‘Problematic’

36. Shredd ‘Cobra’

35. Furrowed Brow ‘That’s Why I’m a Ponce’

34. Snooker Season ‘The American Office’

33. Diving Station ‘Fruit Flies’

32. People Soup ‘Rosemary’

31. Deafdeafdeaf ‘Bodies’

30. Crapsons ‘Clotheslined By a Nun’

29. The One Eyed General’s Bandit ‘I’m Glad You Caught Me When You Did’

28. Woman You Stole ‘Evelyn’

27. Valetta ‘Irregular Low’

26. Springfield Elementary ‘Doctor Doctor’

25. The Red Stains ‘Mannequin’

24. Yard Act ‘Fixer Upper’

23. Liines ‘Sorry’

22. Dense ‘Calcium’

21. The Hyena Kill ‘Bleached’

20. Threads ‘Poverty Tourist’

19. Eitha Da ‘Supernaturalism’

18. Stepford Wives ‘All On Me’

17. Salt The Snail ‘Maate’

16. Sick Ducks ‘Coasting’

15. The Battery Farm ‘Poet Boy’

14. Seazoo ‘The Pleasure’

13. Alex Rave and The Sceptical ‘Itch’

12. Leisure Theory ‘Bend and Break’

11. The Sewer Cats ‘Raw’

10. TV Face ‘Like Dominoes’

9. Giant Boys, Oliver James Lomax ‘Don’t Laugh at My Astro Turf Diane’

8. Geisterhaus ‘The Garden’

7. Kidsmoke ‘The Bluest You’

6. Home Counties ‘Redevelopment’

5. USA Nails ‘I Don’t Own Anything’

4. Grotbags ‘Tinder Surprise’

3. Pondarosa ‘Bright Lights’

2. The Early Mornings ‘Artificial Flavour’

1. Blanketman ‘Beach Body’

Here’s a playlist of the full list:

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