MIMR Review: The Battery Farm ‘Maggot Line’

Shouting from the rooftops and making themselves heard amongst the chaos of the world currently, Manchester viseral punk quartet The Battery Farm unveil their latest devasting and destructive track ‘Maggot Line’ today (Oct 23rd) and it’s a wild whirlwind, spiralling through your body.

Taken from their upcoming debut EP ‘ENDLESSLY UNSTOPPABLE PAIN’ out Nov 27th which we are very excited about on the blog, the track is another bruising and punishing example of their rip-rawing and heartfelt execution through gripping vocals, some explosive, frenetic riffs and a truly hard-hitting furious insight into their visions of the world, which has recently been turned upside down.

Photos credit: Trust a Fox

The Battery Farm were touted by many to have a big year and despite being halted by the virus, the 4 piece can still command to be up there at the top table of the Manchester scene, let’s hope their explosive live shows can return next year, MIMR will be in the pit down the front!

Check out the track here:

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