MIMR Review: Geisterhaus ‘The Garden’

In these dark and gloomy times, it’s a very warm and welcoming return to the blog to the ecentric, electro-punk stylings of geisterhaus with brand new single ‘The Garden’ (released 7th Sept) digging deep into his rich repertoire of sonic-like sounds.

Thom breaks out the shackles with this track ringing in your ears from the get-go with piercing riffs, ferocious, cosmic beats and hard-hitting lyrics that resonate with us all in regards to the current predicament we find ourselves in.

The accompanying video displays Thom flambuoyant delivery, rocking out in his garden (one of the few places that you can do that currently, pubs just ain’t fun) and with the appearance of ‘pig gods’ a bit hard not to give you the creepies.

Let’s hope when all this covid nonsense blows over that we can see Thom back in action on stage where he struts his stuff, we all miss the blaring sounds in our eardrums at gigs and ‘The Garden’ will be a track worth waiting for.

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