Have MIMR got news for you

In a brand new feature on the blog we round up the latest goings on featuring some of MIMR favourite acts as they navigate their ways through the difficult musical terrain that look set to grip the music scene for a while longer yet.

Firstly, our good friends Campfire Social emerge from the lockdown with a brand new single released today titled ‘ Awake in the Wake of a Wave’ which is another glorious slice of indie-pop which sparkles and glistens brightly. Bubbly and brisk harmonies are met with poignant and to the heart vocals that symbolize the joyful nature of their enchanting sound.

Next up we have the latest news from Manchester dream pop quartet Diving Station with their well crafted and blissful new single ‘Joanna’ released 11th September.

Building on the success of 2018 fantastic ‘Feather Mouth’ EP as well as the captivating singles ‘Honey Bee’ and ‘Film’ from last year, the 4 piece now embark on the latest steps of their journey culminating in the upcoming new EP ‘June Damp’ which is something MIMR will be very excited about.

Having already gained acclaim from the likes of Guy Garvey and Steve Lamacq amongst others, Diving Station have their sights set in the clouds, this EP is going to be special.

Alt-Indie act Thrillhouse now enter the fray with their new track ‘2045’ released 28th August whisking it’s way into your brain with purposeful intent, needing your urgent attention.

The Brighton Chaps wowed up with previous singles including ‘Lesser’ and now their latest effort is already ringing in our ears.

Taking inspiration from Bowie, Talking Heads and the like, the track meanders along with a blend of uplifting, ambient sounds and a effervescent soundtrack which is essential to your well being.

Finally i’d just like to take a minute to mention the super work that Tim Burgess (Charlatans) has been doing with his Listening Parties via Twitter. With over 350 records featured over the course of the last few months, Tim has brought people together during these troubling times to celebrate in the perfect way, listening to music in all it’s forms and putting a smile on people’s faces, a pat on the back to one of my favourite artists from back when i was in school listening to The Charlatans on my cassette player right through to the modern day

You can check the upcoming schedule and delve into the archive on his website here:


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