MIMR Band Chat: Wood Ewe

Taking his dreamy alt-pop sound and creative a soundscape that is both engrossing and enlightening is equal measure, the Wood Ewe project created by Iain Henderson has firmly become one of MIMR more interesting finds of recent times. We spoke to Iain about the recent single, the lockdown and the future plans of the project.

MIMR: We welcome Iain better known as Wood Ewe to MIMR, how would you best describe your sound and does your songwriting skills change with each track or do you have a tryed and tested method in this process?

Iain: Cheers for having me! If I was to try to sum it up it would be folk tinged experimental pop? Instruments and electronics meet to get a little weird and make you feel warm inside. Up to this point it’s mainly been a case of sitting at my laptop and trying to find a sound that gets me inspired, and from there the components of the track sort of reveal themselves, hopefully! I’ve been working on a lot of new material for 2021 that has been an effort to try another approach, but I’ll have more to share about that in a little while.

MIMR: MIMR have been thoroughly enjoying your music and ‘Commuter’ is a personal
favourite. What’s the track about and how has the ongoing lockdown affected you and your music?

Iain: Cheers! It sounds silly having written but Commuter is a favourite of mine too. I wrote it when I was getting the bus a lot for UV treatment in 2019, and made an effort to listen to as many new albums as possible. The track came entirely from that starting percussion idea and became a fun way of voicing the annoyances of any repetitive activity. Lockdown has given a lot of time to plan my next steps, but I’ve been struggling a lot with the lack of variety. The days seem to meld into one and it’s hard to set actual times for writing and producing without it just taking over everything! I’ve been fortunate not to have anything cancelled but Commuter did end up coming out a lot later than originally planned!

MIMR: What’s the one thing you miss about pre-lockdown life and can’t wait to return to doing whenever its safe to so of course?

Iain: It’s not the most inspired but I think I’ll look forward to some crate digging at Piccadilly records when it’s properly safe, there’s something a little special about finding an album you’ve been looking for, or even just taking the plunge and hearing something on vinyl for the first time!

MIMR: Personally i missed live gigs and going to the many amazing venues Manchester has to offer, which ones are your favourite hangouts in the city?

Iain: I’m a big fan of YES of course, whether it’s for a gig or a pint and a slice! It’s been incredibly sad to see the news that Gorilla is closing, as probably my favourite venue, it always struck the right balance between having a crowd and being intimate. Hopefully there’ll be some happier developments there, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

MIMR: During the lockdown and away from music, was they’re any other activities that you found yourself enjoying to pass the time?

Iain: My Yorkie Tess has at least given me a reason to leave the house each day, After finishing up the last of my uni assignments, I’ve been allowing myself to play a few games here and there, whether that’s tabletop, such as Pandemic, or on my PC, mainly Dota but I’ve been losing a lot of time to Death Stranding since it came out, which is wonderfully bonkers in the best way.

MIMR: Despite all the uncertainty around at the moment, what do Wood Ewe have planned for the rest of 2020?

Iain: I’m hoping to have another EP out in time for the end of the year, so there won’t be any shortage of tunes from me, but in terms of live I’m waiting for now, as much as I’d love to be at a gig or playing some myself, I’m a bit cynical about how it’s all going to work out in the coming months. Wait and see though!

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog Iain, stay safe! How can people follow you on social media?

Iain: Always up for a chat, you too! I’m @woodewemusic on FB, Insta and Twitter and i can be found on Youtube by searching for wood ewe.

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