MIMR Band Chat: Home Counties

During this lockdown period there’s been only few positives to really put a smile on your face: the tireless work of the NHS and key workers being the main one but now MIMR can add the discovery of Bristol 5 piece Home Counties to that with their rousing noises.

We spoke to the band about their upcoming EP, lockdown activities and london shows.

MIMR: It’s a pleasure to have Home Counties on the blog, you’ve been described as wonk-pop which is certainly a first for MIMR, how best would you describe the noise you make and what influences do you draw upon the most?

HC: Some people have called it ‘wonk-pop’, which I think is a pretty apt description. People seem to label us as ‘post-punk’ all the time which is so generic and overused. A lot of our musical inspirations come from the 1970s CBGB’s, early 80s British New Wave and some more recent indie. I think we gravitate more towards the more ‘accessible’ and dancier sides of alternative music.

MIMR: This year has really kicked off for the band, 2 excellent singles, ‘Redevelopment’ is already one of our favourite tracks of the year, plenty of radio airplay and press interest too. Thrilled to see your EP release planned for later in the year too, tell us all about the record and are you itching to get it out there to people?

HC: Absolutely, we’ve been working on this EP for a long time and we can’t wait to share it. We recorded it last Winter just before we publicly launched Home Counties so we’ve been sitting on it for quite some time. It’s been reassuring to see that other people are into it – we’ve had some lovely radio support from Huw Stephens and Jack Saunders.

MIMR: The last few months have been far from ideal for the music scenes across the country, how have the band coped in the lockdown period?

HC: We’ve tried to think positive and we’ve used lockdown to write a ton of new material. We live together in Bristol so it’s actually been a pretty good opportunity to get our heads down. And we’ve fed our appetite for performing by playing a few ridiculous live streams from our living room… the last one we did featured dressing gowns, sunglasses and smoke machines.. we’ve had a lot of time on our hands…

MIMR: So live music has been taken away from us all currently and with no immediate sign of a swift return it must be frustrating as a band not being able to plan ahead with all the uncertainty in the air, what’s the one thing you miss about playing live?

HC: We’re a live band first and foremost so yeah, it’s been a tough year. There’s loads of aspects I miss about playing live but the main thing is the excitement of going on stage with your friends and not knowing how it’s going to go. Life is a lot more predictable without gigs.

MIMR: We would love to see you in Manchester when you’re able to play shows again. What venues closer to home were you favourite hangouts before the lockdown?

HC: I’d say our favourite Bristol venue is probably The Old England, which is a real creative centre in the city for all sorts of music. I also love The Exchange and The Louisiana. We tend to play more gigs in London though, and I think The Lexington is probably our favourite. We went on tour with Pip Blom and finished the run with a sold out Lexington show; that was pretty special.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, wish you all the best for the rest of the year and the EP too, how can people follow you on social media?

HC: Lovely to chat with you. The EP is out early September. Follow our socials to stay up to date:




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