MIMR Band Chat: Springfield Elementary

One of MIMR favourite bands of the last year or so are electric psych-punks Springfield Elementary and we welcome them back to the blog with open arms…well just as long as you adhere to the 2m distance of course.

We spoke to the guys about the new single, lockdown activities and sweaty nights in The Peer Hat.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, how best would you describe your sound and what influences would you consider to be the most favoured in creating your sound?  

SE: We’ve had our music described before as Acid-Punk, that’s been our favourite description. Our main influences vary from 60s psych to 90s grunge.  

MIMR: Fantastic to hear your new single, how was this recorded and what difficulties did you encounter especially in the times we are currently living in?  

SE: Thankfully we had the song recorded way before lockdown with Rainy Daze studios. It’s felt weird releasing a song and not being able to show it off with a gig somewhere! But we’ve made the most of the situation, making a lockdown themed music video. The theme of the song relates quite well to the feelings people have felt during lockdown, so it felt like the right song to have been released during these times.  

MIMR: So we all know live music is a no go at the moment and it’s hard to see when it will return, what gig venues do you have the fondest memories of and why?  

SE: There’s so amazing venues in Manchester, it’s hard to single them out. We’ve got great memories playing at sister pubs, The Castle and Gullivers. We’ve put on Halloween gigs here and played rowdy day festivals that have brought in fun crowds. Peer Hat deserves a special mention too for all the sweaty nights we’ve played in it’s dingy basement. Top ale choices too!!    

MIMR: Playing live must be the ultimate part of making music, what’s your favourite thing about the experience of being on stage?  

Brad: It is! It’s what I’ve struggled with the most since lockdown to be honest. Being able to play music that you’ve created with your pals and seeing the audience loving it is a special feeling.

Billy: It’s hard to pin point one exact thing… but being able to express yourself through your own music or music that you make with your friends is the ultimate buzz and something comes over me where I’m my complete self and completely comfortable with doing so. It’s better than any drug.  

MIMR: Apart from music, how have you passed the time during lockdown?  

Brad: I was working as a temp before lockdown so unfortunately I haven’t been on furlough so it’s been a lot of gardening, Fifa 16 and the odd shift I can grab at random supermarkets with this agency I’m with.

Chris: Films, gaming, sleep, eating food, and drinking.

Liam: I’ve accidentally killed some house plants, made friends with a spider that moved in, started doing some yoga and been trying to resist the urge to give myself a mullet.

Billy: Gardening every herb and veg under the sun. Watching films, reading and anything to pass the time!  

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us on the blog, we’re thoroughly enjoying your new single and wish you all best for rest of the year, stay safe! How can people follow you on social media?  


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpringfieldElementaryMCR/

Instagram: Instagram.com/springfieldelementarymcr/


Doctor, Doctor music video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5Mnc9hlVDo Show quoted text

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