MIMR Best of 2020 so far: Eps

It’s been a funny old year so far with the coronavirus gripping us all and grinding to a halt the, normally, engrossing music scene, let’s hope live music can return sooner rather than later.With all that being said, some of MIMR favourite acts have still released some exciting new music over the 1st half of this year, throw into the mix some brand new bands to MIMR and 2020 hasnt been all that bad after all.Here’s our top 20 Eps of 2020 so far…

20. Yard Arms ‘Sanctuary Lines’

19. Magic Spells ‘Bubbly’

18. Soccer 96 ‘Tactics EP’

17. Sheafs ‘Vox Pop’

16. Joell Jordi ‘Joell Jordi’

15. Seagoth ‘Internet Cafe’

14. Document ‘A Camera Wanders All Night’

13. Ohmns ‘Iii’

12. Roxy Girls ‘A Wealth of Information’

11. Chihuahua ‘Live At Boxyard’

10. SPQR ‘No Brain, No Pain’

9. Cassette Apes ‘Don’t Bring a Drum Machine to a Dogfight’

8. Those Fucking Snowflakes ‘Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage’

7. Furrowed Brow ‘Dead Dead Dead Still Digging’

6. Peaks ‘Seasons’

5. Eitha Da ‘Fizzy’

4. TV Face ‘Like Dominoes’

3. Alex Rave and The Sceptical ‘Profound Absurdities’

2. Giant Boys ‘Click and Collect’

1. The Sewer Cats ‘Zelda’

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