MIMR Review: Leisure Theory ‘Bend and Break’

With his first glorious effort of 2020 and of the upcoming EP, Jake Smith aka Leisure Theory launches his eccletic sound to another level with this euphoric electro-pop track.

Having already entised up throughout 2019 with such singles as ‘Profile’ and ‘Signifying Practice’ the manchester based project headed by Jake enters the next stage with engrossing and enchanting results despite the difficulties that we all currently face.

Partly produced during Lockdown and released by Most Joyous, Jake uses effervscent guitars combined with a backing track that glows and glistens throughout, it’s hard not to sway and lose yourself too.

MIMR will remain to take note of Jake’s work and even though seeing a live show anytime soon looks to be out of the question, the EP will serve up as a fruitful and essential soundtrack for your summer even if you are stuck at home.

Listen to the track here:


Follow Leisure Theory here:


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