MIMR Band Chat: War Stripes

It’s a welcome return to the blog for MIMR favourite rock trio War Stripes who’s recrnt single has become a firm favourite during the lockdown period. MIMR spoke to the band about theur plans, the single and smart clobber.

MIMR: Great to have War Stripes back on the blog, what’s the latest with the band amid the difficult current situation?

Ciro: We’ve been trying to keep ourselves as busy as possible – we recently recorded our third release ‘Glad Rags’ and a video to go along with it, all in Lockdown which was released May 8th on all platforms.
As well as that we continue to write music from home.
Everythings been very DIY lately, a quite exciting new way that we’ve always toyed with but never had a real opportunity to do until now.

MIMR: How have your plans changed for this year and are you hopefully that some live shows could happen?

Aaron: Everything has changed massively with most aspects of our lives but hopefully we’ll use this time to reflect and grow and start a new chapter of the band: More music out there, more online content and building a better connection with our audience. We’ve talked about rescheduling some shows and it’d be amazing if we’d get to play before the end of the year but who knows!

Ciro: Our plans have changed in a big way. Pre lockdown we were actually about to headline our first ever gig at Manchester Academy 3 which we were working extremely hard for but sadly, like everything else, that’s off the table for the time being.
So we’ve sunk all our time into writing as the band is taking a new direction sound wise which we’re all very excited about- fortunately, you’re all gonna have to wait and see what new direction that is (it’s always good to have something coming up, instead of staying still ay?)

MIMR: How have you coped personally with the lockdown restrictions and what’s the one thing you’re most looking forward to doing once some sort of normality resumes?

Ciro: At first I was excited about the idea, I saw it as an opportunity to take a break and unwind a bit from everything including music. But now I’ve gotten in the mindset of, let’s take the bull by the horns and create foundations for life outside of lockdown and personally, that’s what’s been getting me through.

Billie: I’ve had two noises complaints for drumming! Which is always fun!
But for me it’s been nice to be at home more with my missus and not be at work as much. I work as a bartender so I have very long shifts and late nights, but being able to have time off and just do what I want has actually been alright and peaceful.
I have 16 animals at home as well so I’ve been pretty much entertained!
I just want to gig and go to the rehearsal room! Although I’m still playing it’s nowhere near as fun as playing with the lads!

Aaron: Completely agree with the boys, we basically just want to get out there and hit the road. So much time away from something you love doing only makes you realize how important it is. Otherwise, it’s just been about keeping active (body and mind), finding some hint of a routine so I’m not spending the days in bed and finally.. coming last place on zoom quizzes.

MIMR: Your new single is called ‘Glad Rags’ but who is the best dressed member of the band?

Ciro: I’m the last person that’s gonna win this award, I just throw anything on, I’m a fashion mogul that way.

Billie: EASY!!! Me, next question ☺️

Aaron: I’d say as a group, I dress the least like a punk rock star. The other boys always look stunning.

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to us at MIMR, stay safe and all the best whatever happens in 2020, tell us how people can follow you on social media?

Billie: All the usual platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
Music wise we have tracks on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon as well as some demos and rough works on our SoundCloud.
Check it out, you never know may find an old gem that tickles your fancy! Stay safe! ❤️

Aaron: Check out our New single ‘Glad Rags’ and share it about. Thanks for your continuing support MIMR ly x

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