MIMR Band Chat: WinterGreen

During our extended break we still listened to a lot of new music and one of the acts that caught our eye were the sweet sounds of Manchester indie trio WinterGreen

We spoke to the band about the new record, lockdown plans and their yearning for live music once again

MIMR: It’s a pleasure to have you on the blog, tell us a bit about the band and what’s your main influences in your music?

WinterGreen: It’s a pleasure to be on the Blog! Well, we are WinterGreen and we describe ourselves as three men in a band from towns orbiting the great city of Manchester. We’ve known each other for many years, occasionally two of us have been in bands together in the past but never all three in the same band. We finally did that in 2014 when we formed WinterGreen and we’ve made three albums since which we are very proud of. Our influences are many and varied. Between the three of us we listen to so much different music, and all of it inspires our band output. You could say we have a frontman (Mike) who loves classic guitar driven pop tunes, a bassist (Pete) who loves robo-synth pop, and a drummer (Grant) who likes to rock out! We think that combinations like this lead to an interesting end product!

MIMR: So your year started with the release of the ‘The Future is a Way of Life’ record, how was this produced and how much did it differ from your previous records?

WinterGreen: Our first album “Gliders” was very much made in the studio, recorded by Dean Glover at Vibe Studios in Cheetham Hill. Our 2nd album “Accidents & Designs” was more of a DIY effort. We recorded bits ourselves at rehearsal, bits in different studios, bits at home…… then mixed it all together and got Dean to polish it up. “TFI AWOL” is kind of a mixture of those two methods. We’ve also added a bit more “studio trickery” noises and electronic stuff in there too…. But we can still rock-out when we need to, like the last song “You Gotta Lot (But It’s Gotta Stop)” which is really punky!

MIMR: Amid all thats going on at the moment i’m guessing your plans for rest of the year have greatly changed, how has the band coped during the lockdown period and what have you been doing?

WinterGreen: We were gonna hit the road and do a lot of gigs to promote the latest album. We haven’t gigged in over a year, so we were really looking forward to that…… then all the venues closed because of the virus! We’ve been busy however, and by the magic of Zoom, home studio software and Dropbox we’ve already written & demo’d enough new songs for our fourth LP! We’ll probably keep improving the demos as the Lockdown continues, and end up with an album largely written and recorded separately from each other! Which is yet another way of doing it – keep the variety going!

MIMR: With the absence of live music currently, it must be hard not having that outlet to perform. What’s your favourite thing about playing live and what’s been your most memorable gig as a band to date?

WinterGreen: We miss playing live and it was really bad timing to take a year off.….then have all your gigs kyboshed because of a global pandemic! It’s simply a massive buzz playing to an audience. You feel nervous in those moments before you go on stage….. but once you’re up there it comes naturally and you enjoy it. And it can be a great laugh as well. Our favourite gig has to be at The Hope & Anchor in London 2 or 3 years ago. We rented a big Air BnB apartment for us and our entourage, played at a famous venue that bands like The Stranglers, Joy Division, Madness and U2 have played. We played really well, bang on it, on the night! There was a good crowd in, then we went on a massive bender in London afterwards and crashed back at the apartment about 3am! We woke up with about 5 minutes to spare before we got chucked out the apartment at 12 noon the next day – Proper rock & roll!

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to MIMR, stay safe and hope to see you back on the blog very soon. Tell us how people can follow you on social media?

WinterGreen: Our Twitter is @Wintergreenband and if you use the handle “wintergreenband” you can pretty easily find us on Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud etc. We have some good videos on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzm5bxhA5cSVdkv_uE8xW_g
On Spotify you can listen to our latest album “The Future is a Way of Life” via this link: https://open.spotify.com/album/0XueBsYcwawoSUK0JkoBFk?si=T1VVyP5yTNGZHXLUXlbBAA
Our other albums are on Spotify too, and all our stuff is on iTunes, GooglePlay etc. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it!

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