MIMR Announcement

Hey everyone, hope your all well, especially under the current coronavirius situation we all find ourselves in, it’s hard to know what to believe at the moment, let’s just hope it blows over sooner rather than later and the impact that the music scene, in particular, is enduring at the moment has a short life-span.

Anyway, in a slightly different blog post than normal, i’ve decided to take a break from the blog for a short while, i’ve not decided exactly how long yet, i probably will be itching to get straight back on it after a week or so but i think this is the right decision to ensure i can continue the blog in the future after the break.

The reasons for this are many but the next few weeks and months will be very hectic in my personal life and with MIMR being pretty much a one man operation it’s safe to say that my time for writing will become limited during this period.

I may pop up on social media every so often and i’ve still got a few features to put out over the next week, recent illness has delayed these posts sadly so hopefully they can be completed.

So yeah thats it, MIMR will be offline very soon but hopefully will come back sooner rather than later, bigger and better than ever.



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