Girl Afraid New Single ‘Dutch Courage’ Lives Up To The Hype

Five-piece Girl Afraid, who nest in Kingston Upon Hull have unleashed new track ‘ Dutch Courage’. It’s a perfect example of modern indie rock with guitar-driven chorus’ and a vocal which takes no prisoners with its rawness.

The track for me is entirely up to my indie standard. It kicks off with a grungy low frequency sounding guitar which although not super sharp did cut through my ears. I had this on very loud when I heard it, and it filled me with energy. Although, I wish it did have a few more backing harmonies along the way. Yet, Sam Mellors on vocals does not need any support with his vocal range on display here.

Remember, when Indie used to be great? We had the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Black Rebel Motorcycle club dropping bangers left right and centre. The void is no longer empty thanks to this good old rock piece. Grab your air guitar out and get stuck in.

The track is all about having an enormous ego. Most probably from the alcohol, the band supped before writing it, and I would not have wanted it any other way. The self-assurance is evident, and it screams poise from the get-go. It is a great time for indie rock up north, and Girl Afraid have indeed joined the party. Excellent work, lads!

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