MIMR Top Picks in association with Scruff Of the Neck

Here at MIMR we recognise that Scruff Of the Neck is currently one of the best record labels around and it’s finally getting national recognition for it’s true dedication to the music industry and enabling artists to fulfill their potential.

Based in Manchester SOTN put on numerous high profile gigs and tours for new and exciting acts and MIMR has chosen 3 of the best gigs for this month, there was so many to choose from.


Date: 6th Narch

Venue: Night People

Indie-rock quartet SYFTA have burst onto the scene in the last few months and their whirlwind journey is set to continue through 2020. Having already had a signifcant support slot with The K’s at the Ritz at start of the year soundly under their belts and some high profile gigs with The Reytons around the corner, they are more than ready to bring their electrifying sound to the masses and they take the top stage at Night People for what promises to be a thrilling evening.

Support comes from The Cuza, Della Noirs and 25th Hour

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Date: 13th March

Venue: Gullivers

Rock n roll 4 piece Arcades have stepped into 2020 all guns blazing with intoxicating vibes being felt for miles around. Hailing from Leicester, they’re all set for many new followers with their upcoming debut EP release ‘Religion’ ready to leave the blocks and dash into your heads.

Recent single ‘Say Hello’ was a glorious teaser for the record and their show at Gullivers will be one not to be missed! Support comes from Glue

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False Heads

Date: 28th March

Venue: Off The Square

Punk-rock never sounded more intense and important, it’s safe to say False Heads have earned their right to be considered in such high regard. 2020 is going to be a huge year for the london trio with their debut album exploding with plenty of sparks flying.

‘It’s All There But You’re Dreaming out on 13th March is set to teleport the band into another stratosphere and their crunching, monstrous sound can hit new heights. Recent single ‘Rabbit Hole’ can only be described as epic! and it’s why this gig at Off The Square is vital!

Support on the night comes from MIMR faves Bards, Yuka Tree and The Battery Farm

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Check out SOTN Records here, where you can see all gig listings and so much more….


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