MIMR Band Chat: Shuck

The day has arrived, Deco Records latest all dayer is almost upon us and headline act Shuck took time before they hit the stage to chat to MIMR about their 2020 plans, influences and

MIMR: My pleasure to have you on MIMR, how best would you describe your music and what are the main influences that help create your sound?

Shuck: Thanks for having us on MIMR! Our music influence branches from our other current and previous bands. Heavy, tight and rowdy. Myself n JP drum extraordinaire met in Manchester working on our mutual friend ‘Karl D’Silva’ s solo project of the same name. We decided to work together making 3 minute bangers with happy/sad construct akin to a lot of the 90’s rock/punk rock UK & USA bound bands that we listened to growing up, throwing up.

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band, will 2020 be a busy one?

Shuck: We are due to release our debut album on ‘Hominid Sounds’ in summer titled ‘Petrichor & Rainbows’ , soon to be announced keep yr eyes peeled. We have a few festival appearances – Raw Power & Desertfest in London so far, looking for more! Supporting our pals ‘Video Nasties’ for their ‘Dominion’ album launch in Liverpool, March 14th. Which should be a reet party with old pals and the first time I personally would have played there.

MIMR: Great to see on the line up for Deco Records all dayer this Saturday, what preparations do you guys go through pre gig and what’s your favourite thing about playing Live?

Shuck: We all work ourselves to death through the weeks so we’re generally fucked up with swollen limbs n backs nursing a whisky and camomile tea. We get the odd rehearsal in so we remember what we are doing.

MIMR: What’s the most memorable live show you’ve played so far and why?

Shuck: The ‘Mutoid Man’ tour was memorable if only for Chris Maggio (their drummer that replaced Ben Koller) booting and kicking…essentially testing the weakness, of the ‘shit’ stages, he was presented with in the intimate venues we know so well up and down the country. Twas good craic like.

MIMR: What’s your thoughts about the music scene in Manchester currently and what other bands should we be listening to?

Shuck: Its a shame to see so many venues shutting, a lot of the places we loved have gone, I think its been hard to keep up with whats new and what stands out if only 4/5 venues are running the ‘circuit’ but hey ho. Itll be grand on Saturday, we wanted to play for DECO to meet some other bands out of our general horizon. Looking forward to Binge in particular as I caught the tail end of them at Deaf institute two weeks gone.

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog. How can people follow you on social media?

Shuck: Thanks for the q’s mang


Shuckshuckshuck.bandcamp.com – for musics n merch

@shuckhquk – instagram
@shuckhq – facebook

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