MIMR Band Chat: Nossiennes

With their punchy and powerful shoegazey vigour, new Bristol band Nossiennes have got us a bit excited here at MIMR, we spoke to the band to chat more about their exciting future plans as well as their brilliant EP

MIMR: A pleasure to have you on the blog.
Tell us about the band and what would you say are the influences that mould your sound?

Nossiennes: Nossiennes gets its name from Erik Satie’s neologism gnossiennes but we dropped the first letter because we all have names beginning with ‘G’ also. We started in late spring 2019 almost as a side project to various solo and band things we were doing already. It happened very naturally; even though we were unaware of where it would lead we all knew we didn’t want to fall into certain genres that seem prominent on the live scene in Bristol. Nossiennes could be tagged as ‘experimental’ shoegaze in that we’re still developing our sound and influenced by how diverse the genre is. There are so many qualities that make shoegaze very different to the mainstream but we didn’t want to simply replicate or adhere to it. Most of our sound is developed through looping and experimenting with pedals featuring contrasts of noise and ambience like bands such as Bowery Electric, Seafeel, Landing and Lovesliescrushing. Some elements of noise rock like Sonic Youth or early Blonde Redhead or post-punk like Wire and Echo and the Bunnymen could be heard also. However we’re influenced by 20th century classical music/theory and how it crosses over into minimalist and electronic sounds. Anything impressionistic, immersive, or hypnotic like Steve Reich, Morton Feldman, Ligeti, even Debussy/Ravel but who knows if it comes across. It’s perhaps a shared aim of some of the guitar-based ethereal genres anyway, sonic textures and altered states.

MIMR: MIMR is happy to have discovered your recent EP, it’s one of our faves of the moment, how was this produced and are you happy with how it came together and the final cut?

Nossiennes: Thanks, glad you like it. Making the Vivere EP was enjoyable and we didn’t expect to get the response it’s got so far, especially before gigging at all really. We only finished writing the tracks the weekend before but knew these new songs would sound great recorded so there was a sense of urgency to get it right. We had recorded some demos in a mostly ‘live’ fashion at a church hall in Frome during the summer but wanted to get a producer involved so we hooked up with Dom Mitchison (Malthouse Studios) at Christchurch Studios in Bristol and didn’t look back. We tracked live then overdubbed bass and vocals etc. in three days. The EP has defined contrasts and could almost be made up of three different bands. From long and (mainly improvised) atmospheric loops, to dreamy slowcore melodies to noisepop walls of sound, somehow it worked and that’s all thanks to Dom. It was mastered at Optimum and was picked up by Shore Dive Records who have kindly done a good job releasing and promoting it. Axel Mendicuti created the artwork that really suits the tracks. We’re happy with it and pleased about the positive reviews but really just want to write some more new songs and do it all again.

MIMR: You’ve got a few gigs coming up, what would you say is your favourite thing about playing live?

Nossiennes: Our favourite things are instrumental improvising, creating moments of intense rivalry within the dynamic of the band, energy and immersion really; and loud volume. There’s never a better feeling playing gigs, its very cathartic and a good way to share our music with people who might not have otherwise heard us. It’s hard to answer to be honest; things are just starting up so its nice to know everything doesn’t happen all on the Internet.

MIMR: Would love to see you come up to Manchester in the future, what other places/venues would you love to play as a band?

Nossiennes: Really we would love to play Manchester. If anyone wants to put us on please send us an email. We’ve had some ideas/loose offers in the South like London, Oxford, Bournemouth, Brighton but it would be interesting to play abroad, perhaps Italy, France or even Japan or Mexico! Anywhere who wants us really!

MIMR: Did any of the band have any new year resolutions?

Nossiennes: We wouldn’t say resolutions as such. However we would like a bassist! We can work without one, but of course it would be a lot better with one. If we had a resolution it would be to never get too comfortable in our ways and continue to write and experimenting.

MIMR: Thanks for stopping by and talking to us, great work with the EP. How can people follow you on social media?

Nossiennes: Thanks also MIMR, it’s been a real pleasure. We’re on all the usual sites @nossiennes on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Listen to the EP here:

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