MIMR Review: Grotbags

How did you spend Valentine’s day this year? Buying lavish gifts for your loved ones for no real reason i bet, a much more enjoyable and a little less heartache would of been spent listening to the self-titled debut album by Manchester pop-rock heroes Grotbags or should i say ‘the Greatest band in the world’ as stated modestly by themselves but like the Coronavirus, this statement is spreading.

Released via Dipped In Gold Recordings this release delves through how to deal with the existence of over-sized babies, being the recipent of nude pics on your phone and avoiding your album to have any ‘Hot Shorts Shit’ on it (we love Hot Shorts btw)

The rousing intro ‘Hiya’ is the perfect way to get friendly with the frolicking 5 piece and by the end of this short but sweet record they will become one of your favourite bands.

Muscle Touch bounds along with cutting riffs and pounding beats, a real pulsating anthem, which weighs in at their longest track in duration, it’s a right treat. Cute drops in next, a track that has been around for a little while but gets it’s time to really shine here, spiralling guitars as well as jazzy interludes hit all the right spots.

Furiously arriving on the scene Alarm Clock tells the tale of the constant fight to get out of bed and start the day, often because of the hatred of work. There’s no snooze to be pressed on this track tho as it whizzes along with bellowing vocals and more powerful riffs, ‘fuck work indeed’. Previous single ‘Big Baby‘ arrives and it’s subject does ring with me, being dad myself and based on my own observations, other babies do sometimes appear larger than life, not mine of course, remember fruit and veg people! The track itself has catchy, quirky lyrics and is hard not to smile to.

The aptly named track Puke harbours back to drunken nights out and snogging and the fear of puking occuring during the act. The rousing guitar solo halfway through is instantly pleasing and more catchy lyrics to boot to keep you hooked!

Fried Egg scrambles your brain with more bruising guitars, crashing beats and euphoric harmonies as the track is brought to buyoant finale. Arguably MIMR fave track Tinder Surprise is next in the spotlight and it’s defintely one you would swipe the right way for. Telling the tale of the unwanted sexual pics on your phone, it has more electrifying hooks, jazzy tones and even more sing-a-long, frolicking lyrics capturing the bands fun loving spirit and approach to their music.

As we head towards the climax of the record Astro Terf blasts off and take you on one last ride on Apollo Grotbags soaring into the stratosphere with the turbo blasters on full pelt! Quick-fire vocals and furious riffs are heard as they embark on their fruitful and mesmerising journey.

We’re serenaded with one last hurrah with album closing ‘Biya’ as they state that there now down the pub! Grotbags have achieved what they set out to do, make music that doesnt take itself too seriously, will make you laugh, cry, puke and probably every other emotion imaginable but it will defintely be on repeat…now ‘goodbye you punks! that’s what say….right?

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