MIMR Band Chat: Sick Ducks

Ahead of their show with Deco Records tomorrow night at The Railway, Grunge, rock trio Sick Ducks spoke to us about their EP plans, gigging and what to expect at The Railway

MIMR: Great to have a new band on the blog, who are sick ducks and how best would you describe your sound?

Louis: we’re Louis (guitar/vox) calum (drums) and criostoir (bass), we just describe ourselves as a rock band but there’s a lot of 90s american alt rock influences like nirvana, rhcp etc in our tunes, and i like to think we sound energetic, loud and DIY

MIMR: What’s the latest with the band, are you going to focus on gigging or releasing music or a bit of both?

Louis: so at the moment we have one demo out but we’ve started recording an EP in our practice space. the aim is to release it in summer, with one of the songs having a video, and we also have our eye on doing a live video and obviously gigging as much as we can!

MIMR: See your on the line up for the return of Deco Records showcase at The Railway this coming friday. How does the band best prepare for a gig?

Louis: first of all we try and be as unhungover as possible – learnt that the hard way – but criostoir is quite new to the band so we’ve been practicing loads just trying to sound tight really. none of us really gets nervous about playing so its just about feeling as good as possible about ourselves and our music so we can put that across on stage, we’re big believers in the energy and feeling behind a show being what makes it memorable and fun for us and hopefully anyone watching/listening


MIMR: If you could play another instrument in a band which one would it be and why?

Louis: criostoir already plays drums in another band, furrowed brow, and louis spent about 10 years playing bass in various bands in school and college. calum plays just about everything really including a dope hangdrum thing that sounds like bonobo but he also comes up with cool jazzy guitar licks and has done instruments on a hip hop EP too.

MIMR: Thanks for dropping by and talking to MIMR, how can people follow you on social media?

Louis: @thesickducks on instagram, facebook and soundcloud! twitter seemed too dangerous cos it’s too easy to shitpost but it’s very much in the pipeline

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