MIMR Review: Giant Boys ‘Don’t Laugh at My Astro Turf Diane’

Wounded but ready to take on any shit that comes their way Garage Punk duo Giant Boys unleash a pounding, broody tirade on the state of Britain with their 1st single of 2020 ‘Don’t Laugh at My Astro Turf Diane’ released 31st Jan which has been described as a ‘An unholy hybrid of John Cooper Clark and The Fall’

A collaboration with local poet Oliver James Lomax, the track tells the humorous story of a lady who had astro turf coveted in the back garden but also takes on the very serious and scary reality of britain today and anyone that thinks a tory government will improve living standards and prosperity.

The track stamps on authority and takes no prisoners, haunting riffs and dark, gloomy backing track mixed with bellowing vocals that take on revolutionary undertones, a poetic anthem for sure!

Here’s the track

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