Frederik Cornelius Charms With ‘This Ain’t Love’

Denmark based Indie singer-songwriter Frederik Cornelius has dropped new single ‘This Ain’t Love’. A track which takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and does not let go.

‘This Ain’t Love’ delves into a new realm of indie with a variety of different influences making the track. At first, it gives a real raw vibe and if you closed your eyes you could be mistaken from listening to an acoustic act at your local speak easy bar. However, it is not long until Frederik graces the mic with his signature catchy melodies and progression.

The sound is not exactly brand new. But, it does provide us with another angle of indie folk. Its really quite a gem. As a result, there is no surprise that it is doing very well over in Asia where there is a real demand for this type of music at the moment.

Overall, its a great delivery from Frederik Cornelius. Although not a genre, I would usually admire being more of a rocker myself, it does tick my boxes. Its snappy, flows well and it opened my imagination to a more alternative love story.

You can listen below.

You can follow Frederik Cornelius on social media below.

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