MIMR Playlist 2020: No.1

We’ve entered a new year and already a treasure trove of new music has been unearthed. Here’s the 1st MIMR Playlist of 2020 with some of the best new music about.

Grotbags ‘Tinder Surprise’

As we get ever closer to the release date of their upcoming album due for a valentine’s day release, Alt-pop frolicking 5 piece Grotbags share us a snapshot from the record with the comical but brilliant ‘Tinder Surprise’

The self-proclaimed ‘Greatest Band In The World’ share their experiences of very unwanted nudes in a very honest way, bellowing out ‘Put Away’ in a adamant way.

The track surges with great gusto with bellowing vocals, thrilling guitars and is a joyous listen. The album follows a similiar pattern with tracks about eggs, overfeeding babies and bunking off work, finally a album that ticks all them boxes.

Head down to their album launch show at Yes in Feb and grab yourself something pink and handy to play with….i’m talking about the record guys, keep it clean.

Saults ‘Proud’

One of Manchester up and coming acts certain to make a big leap in 2020 are Post-punk band Saults who lay down their destructive sound on debut single ‘Proud’ released before xmas.

The Patriotic chant rips through you with bruising beats and a crusendo of hard-hitting riffs that stirs real emotion with their heartfelt, passionate delivery.

Saults will be tearing it up this year, their wild live shows are already one of the hottest tickets in town, experience it for yourselves!

Peaness ‘Kaizen’

A welcome return to the blog to this act, indie-pop trio Peaness release latest track ‘Kaizen’ and it’s another delightful slice of melodic pop that you can bop your head too.

The trio from Chester have a come a long way since releasing debut EP ‘No Fun’ in 2015 but their charming knack of making sweet pop tunes has been relentless, catchy lyrics, fruitful harmonies and more blissfull guitars are heard loud and clear.

With continuous radio air-play and media interest Peaness are here to stay, if there was ever a band to lift you from the gloom then they are perfect!

Cassette Apes ‘Problematic’

One of MIMR’s favourite new acts of 2019 have taken no time at all this year to lay down their marker, electro-punk duo Cassette Apes release EP ‘Don’t Bring a Drum Machine to a Dogfight’ and continue where they left off with more punchy, hynoptic vibes on show.

‘Problematic’ is one of the many treats on the EP and echoes their unique and energised sound. Mesmerising drum machine kicks in, followed by forceful, dominant vocals and piercing, trancey beats that is hard not to loose your mind to.

Cassette Apes are unlike many others duo that MIMR has discovered over the years and it’s tracks like this that should put them on everyone’s essential playlist for this year.

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