MIMR Review: The 99 Degree ‘El Monstruo’

A long overdue review of one of MIMR fave records of 2019, having featured in our end of year list released a few weeks ago and been on constant repeat since it’s release in early November, Manchester psych, garage rock 5 piece The 99 Degree unleash their fury on the monster that is ‘El Monstruo’

The thumping drums intro to opening track ‘John The Killer’ sets the eerie and monstrous tone of the record, gritty vocals and striking riffs make a concotion that has a spine-tingling effect.
MIMR fave track ‘Flatline’ is awoken next on the record, stomping along with a effortless breeze of cutting vocals, dark and dingy hooks and a true example of their surf/psych influence, one of many that flutters amongst all the delightful tracks.

Young Flame’ is raw, burning your mind with it’s crunching guitars, haunting beats and more slashing vocals that capture the bands fruitful and varied influences, as well as being a cracking sing-a-long track.

Dead Or Alive’ is a homage to westerns, a theme that flows through ‘El Monstruo’ and it perfectly takes you into their world where duels, sipping whiskey and riding on horseback would be common place.

The record ends with a reprise version of ‘Young Flame’ which is stripped down to the bare bones, tossing about as a joyous, rawcous finale with more gritty vocals and thumping beats and ends with a crusendo of striking riffs that bash your brain to a pulp.

The 99 degree’s return has been much needed and their monstrous sound echoes across Manchester and beyond, the monster has awoken!


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