MIMR Review: The Battery Farm ‘Crude Oil Water’

MIMR is back and ready to take in what 2020 will bring and the new music is already exploding into our ears. A band that struck a chord with MIMR last year were the ferocious punk sound of Manchester’s The Battery Farm with some rip-rawing tracks that made it onto our Playlist feature.The quartet are certainly not hanging around this year with this new release hitting us on New Years Day and stating their intention to crack on in the new decade.

‘Crude Oil Water’ has a much more post-punk feel to it than the raging punk of their previous tracks with a mesmerising, frenetic trance sound shimmering throughout with more bold and burning vocals really hitting the spot. It’s this hypnotic delivery that adds another layer to their ever-increasing musical tools they have at their disposal.

The Battery Farm have set their sights high to make this a good year and with many people eyeing them up as ones to watch, it’s a certainty that their journey will include some giant leaps, MIMR is on board!

Next gig with Deco Record next month:

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