MIMR Tracks of 2019

As we enter not only a new year but a new decade, here is MIMR’s favourite tracks of 2019. Always a difficult choice as they’re were so many, we’ve narrowed it down to 50.

1. Shredd ‘Rot’

2. Lynchs ‘Breathe’

3. Seazoo ‘Throw It Up’

4. Leisure Theory ‘Subjects’

5. Sprinters ‘Ending’

6. False Advertising ‘You Won’t Feel Love’

7. Mcrae ‘Postapocalipstick’

8. Liines ‘On and On’

9. Slap Rash ‘Zone A’

10. Sweetness ‘Pretty’

11. Rascalton ‘Employee Of The Month’

12. Geisterhaus ‘Wild Swimming’

13. Claw the thin ice ‘Tropic Of Cancer’

14. Eitha Da ‘Strange Harvest’

15. Cobain Jones ‘Wonder (Ravenhead demo)’

16. Pondarosa ‘Sooner or Later’

17. Hey Bulldog ‘Death and Greed’

18. Seagoth ‘Internet Cafe’

19. The Battery Farm ‘97-91′

20. Woman You Stole ‘Shake’

21. Cassette Apes ‘Wind Your Neck In’

22. Giant Boys ‘What’s That’

23. Grimm Twins ‘Summer Of Love’

24. Springfield Elementary ‘Machine Fiend’

25. Aria ‘Part 3: The Drama’

26. Gambling Hearts ‘This Love’

27. Threads ‘Sequels’

28. Tinfoils ‘The Royal Baby Machine’

29. Rodents ‘Mad Fer It’

30. Kidsmoke ‘Passenger’

31. Careering ‘Truetips’

32. The Luka State ‘What’s My Problem’

33. The Birthmarks ‘Fan Fiction’

34. Crapsons ‘Who’ll Babysit The Goths’

35. Those Fucking Snowflakes ‘Stop Being a Dickhead To Each Other’

36. Cowgirl ‘Your Not There’

37. The Empty Page ‘When The Cloud Explodes’

38. Luxury Apartments ‘Energy’

39. Swine ‘They Hate Us’

40. The Dolly Shakes ‘Deep Fat Fryer’

41. Juilper Sky ‘Heaven’

42. Pool Sharks ‘Craw’

43. Foxglove ‘Blind’

44. Ourkid ‘Disappear’

45. The Navettes ’12AM’

46. The One-eyed General’s Bandit ‘The Ferryman’

47. Delights ‘Sometimes, Lately’

48. Diving Station ‘Honey Bees’

49. Octopus ‘Happy Today’

50. Katie Elizaa ‘That Girl’

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