MIMR Band Chat: The Sewer Cats

Ready to blow your mind and get you moving, furious, punk duo The Sewer Cats explode onto the blog at break-neck speed and their wild, brutal sound making one of the hottest 2 piece currently on the local scene.

We spoke to the band about their live shows and their plans for next year!

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, tell us about the band and what would you say are your main influences?

TSC: Thanks for having us! We’re a garage punk duo fronted by our drummer, with fuzzy guitar and aggressive vocals. We never set out to be a punk band, but our music just came out raw, loud and energetic. We’re both into a wide variety of music, but our sound is most influenced by classic punk, grunge and riot grrrl.

Photo Credit: @hilton knott

MIMR: How has this year been for the band and what can we expect from you in 2020?

TSC: 2019 has been great; this week marks a year since our first gig! We started the band for a bit of fun and it’s really snowballed from there. We have done loads of local gigs and played some amazing festivals such as Book Yer Ane Fest in Scotland, Nice as Pie in Leeds and Hell Hath No Fury here in Manchester. We recorded a demo this year which you can download for free (or pay what you like) at our Bandcamp. Early next year we’re planning to record and release our first EP, and we’re also looking forward to playing at Strummercamp festival in the summer.

MIMR: You play for Deco Records this friday, what’s the best thing about playing live?

TSC: For us, the BEST thing about being in a band is playing live and we leave everything behind on stage every time we play. It’s so cathartic to get all your angst out in the performance and feed off the energy of a rowdy crowd!

Photo Credit: Nicola Spencer

MIMR: It’s the time of year, everyone full of xmas cheer and all that, what level of excitement do you have over this time of year and do you have any new year resolutions?

TSC: We love Christmas! On our way to our recent gig in Dundee we sang Christmas songs all the way there! We don’t really do new year resolutions, but our hope for 2020 is to see the Tories out of government.

Photo Credit: Nicola Spencer

MIMR: Thanks for chatting to the blog, how can people follow you on social media

TSC: You can find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thesewercatsband/, Instagram @thesewercatsband and download our demo at our Bandcamp https://sewercatsuk.bandcamp.com/. We’re at our best live, so come to Retro on Friday to see us play!

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