MIMR Playlist No.6

Grotbags ‘Big Baby’

The opening track on this edition of MIMR Playlist and their very 1st appearance on the blog, it’s a pleasure to have local heroes Grotbags and it’s long overdue for sure.

The quirky pop/rock quartet, who are the self-proclaimed ‘Greatest Band In The World’ if you go by there rapturous track ‘Hiya’ whilst also stating they write songs about food and snogging, are ready and raring to embark on the release of their long awaited debut record early next year.

The 10 track album out Valentines day includes the brilliant track ‘Big Baby’ which is a catchy, infectious song, with a concoction of delightful synths and striking riffs.

Make them your favourite band!

The 99 Degree ‘Flatline’

Taken from their recent released EP ‘El Monstruo’ MIMR welcome back the silky, bluesy/garage rock tones of The 99 Degree to the blog.

Having featured last on the blog a couple of years ago when they’re brilliant ‘Boot Hill Surf Club’ record was amongst our best EPs of that year, their return is much needed and very neccesary.

‘Flatline’ is a dark and dingey monster awoken by electrifying guitars and bruising beats, it’s a bluesy rock crusade that echoes through your brain and pushes all the right buttons! El Magnific!

Those Fucking Snowflakes ‘Vegan Sausage Rolls vs Gammon Faced Vampires’

One of the loudest discoveries on the blog in recent times return to Playlist with their latest track and it’s another squash-buckling, ear-blasting experience.

Blackpool punk 3 piece Those Fucking Snowflakes unleash the latest cut from their upcoming EP ‘U OK HUN’ out 6th Dec and it’s another journey into there outlandish and crazy world.

Bellowing vocals, crashing beats and some blistering riffs explode into a track that consumes you.

The music video is a hilarious take on world affairs with Greta Thunberg fighting Piers Morgan amongst other comedic antics, it serves as a reminder to the current state of the affairs in our country which has reached equally laughable levels.

Can we celebrate 2 things very soon TFS new EP and the tories doing one, stick that in your pipe Boris and smoke it!

Threads ‘Sequels’

Another band back after some time away from the blog are Manchester post-punk maestros Threads with some brand new recordings that show their ever-changing sound and why their place on the Manchester scene is intriguing and vital in equal measure.

Taken from their recent ‘CASSETTE’ release, which also includes a newer version of their epic 2017 track ‘Chlorine’ (previously featured on MIMR Playlist) ‘Sequels’ echoes effortlessly, refurberating your brain, with robust, heavy riffs and heartfelt vocals reaching a crusendo of noise which is hard to compare to.

Produced through a 4 track tape machine, the band continue their dedicated passion to do their music on their own terms and as we start the countdown to 2020, let’s hope Threads let their music do the talking in the near future.

Foxglove ‘Blind’

Out earlier this month, indie-pop quartet Foxglove add another track of considerable note, building their already strong singles collection.

‘Blind’ is a upbeat, bouncy track with mesmerising synths and glorious vocals which sparkle and shine, with some effervescent melodies running through the track effortlessly.

As we head into 2020 Foxglove are in a good place and with a recent appearance on BBC introducing under their belts, it’s sure to be a year of only good things, you’d have to be ‘blind’ not to see that too.

The video for Those Fucking Snowflakes track is here:

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