MIMR Review: Pondarosa ‘Sooner or Later’

A brand new band now on the blog and one that will be sure to feature heavily on MIMR into next year, jangle pop 5 piece Pondarosa are here to dazzle and excite. New track ‘Sooner or Later’ released Nov 29th is a delightful and mesmerising insight into the bands effortless shoegazey sound which isContinue reading “MIMR Review: Pondarosa ‘Sooner or Later’”

MIMR Review: Grimm Twins: Summer Of Love

With their brand new single released Nov 15 thru new london based record label, Notting Hill Arts Club Recordings, Macclesfield Goth-pop band Grimm Twinns sparkle and shine with their upbeat anthem ‘Summer Of Love’ which is sure to warm you up and lift the winter gloom. The 5 piece previously featured on the blog underContinue reading “MIMR Review: Grimm Twins: Summer Of Love”

MIMR Review: Leisure Theory ‘Signifying Practice’

With upcoming Manchester shows and a vision to expand his sound to new levels in 2020, Jake Smith AKA Leisure Theory release the follow up to MIMR fave track ‘Subjects’ the equally well-crafted and suplime ‘Signifying Practice’ which is another enchanting journey into his rich and ever pleasing sound. With well layered synths sprinkled throughoutContinue reading “MIMR Review: Leisure Theory ‘Signifying Practice’”