MIMR Band Chat: Sprinters

With the most anticipated records of this year now out, one of MIMR favourite bands Sprinters return to the blog and we spoke to Neil from the band about the album, Kanye West and getting back to gigging.

MIMR: It’s brilliant to have one of MIMR favourite bands at the moment on the blog, how would you describe your sound to any potential new listener?

Neil: Thanks for having us. It’s Indie rock with elements of surf and indie pop. A lot of people also describe us as lo-fi, but I think the new album steered away from that.

MIMR: So your new album has been out a few weeks now and it’s one of faves of this year at MIMR. How was this produced and were they’re anything you did differently compared to the last record?

Neil: We did this one completely different from the first. Our drummer Sam convinced me to let him record it at his new studio in Chorley. We recorded the first album live relying on capturing good performances and then did overdubs. We tracked Struck Gold the proper way so to speak, laying down the drums and bass, then all the guitars, keys then vocals. It took a while as we would get into the sessions usually after work or the weekends, that and I’m a perfectionist, and apparently a nightmare to record with it.
Some of the sessions got quite tense: I’m use to knowing what I want and just doing that, but everyone contributed to the production of this one. A funny memory in particular is when we recorded ‘The Light’ one Saturday afternoon, I think it was the last song we recorded and me and Sam almost ended up in a brawl over the songs production.

MIMR: Playing the new record live must be the end point to the process, are you happy to get out to people and how did the launch gig go?

Neil: Yes we’re all pretty pleased it’s finally out. I could mix an album forever but eventually you have to let it go. The album launch was really nice to play the new stuff finally. Playing with two of our favourite Manchester bands was great also (Secret Admirer & Spengler)

MIMR: Looking ahead to next year, what plans do you have and are looking to play more gigs further afield if possible?

Neil: We’re currently booking a tour for early next year and hope to get back out there playing again. We took 2018 off to record and we’ve missed playing shows.

MIMR: The title of the record and it’s opening track is called ‘Struck Gold’ and it’s the perfect opening to the album but if you struck gold, ie: won the lottery or something similiar, what would be your no.1 luxury item you would have to purchase?

Neil: That’s a tough one. I’d probably have to buy something ridiculous. Didn’t Kanye West recently buy a gold toilet? Probably that. Maybe a PR person too as I’m shocking at social media.

MIMR: Thanks once again to chatting to MIMR and we will continue to enjoy your new record. How can people listen to the record?

Neil: The record is on all streaming platforms now via Meritorio Records. And it’s available to buy on vinyl at our bandcamp – https://sprinters.bandcamp.com

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