MIMR Band Chat: Dolly Shakes

One of the brightest sparks that have shone upon MIMR recently are DIY Pop-punk trio The Dolly Shakes and they the took time out to speak to us about their recent EP and they’re favourite albums

MIMR: Great to have you on the blog, who are The Dolly Shakes and how best would you describe your sound?

Quina: We are a 3-piece DIY band from Manchester – made up of myself, Jessica and Liam. Jessica and we met a couple of years ago when I put a poster out looking for women to form a band with, and then Liam – who was helping us record and produce our music anyway – joined us as our drummer… we needed a drummer for our first gig so he jumped on the cajon for us and he’s stuck with us since! How would we describe our sound…

Jessica: I tell people we’re DIY-pop-punk.
Quina: Yeah, that’s fair… with songs about silly things… we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

MIMR: Been enjoying your latest EP immensely, where was it put together and are you happy with how it turned out and the reception it has recieved?

Quina: Yes we’re so happy! We put it together over the last year and it’s all recorded in my flat. It’s been a massive learning curve – we didn’t realise how long it would take. We thought we could get it ready for the summer but we kept on adding new songs to it and it ended up taking until October… but that was nice because it was exactly one year since we released our first ever single, and it’s cool to see what we’ve achieved in a year when neither of us have been in a band before! And we’re so happy with the reception.

Jessica: I’m really happy with how many people have got in touch with us and listened to it, even people we don’t know!
Quina: We can’t believe how the word has spread considering we don’t have a promoter – it’s just us sat on social media and playing small gigs.

MIMR: What does the future hold for the band as we head into next year?

Jessica: More gigs! And more music! We want to play more around Manchester and get some new songs recorded too.

MIMR: What have been your 3 favourite albums you’ve listened to this year?

Quina: I’d have to say Shonen Knife’s album ‘Sweet Candy Power’. They’re a massive inspiration to me coz they sing silly songs about things like food and lost sunglasses… they have inspired a sad ukulele song that I wrote actually coz I went to the shop and there was no sushi left… it’s like a homage to them, hopefully we can record that next year!

Jessica: ‘Tiny Changes’ by Frightened Rabbit… and loads of bands who are friends of theirs. It’s covers of all the songs from one of FR’s old albums, which the band was putting together when Scott, the lead-man, really sadly died last year. Each band brings their individual sound to each song, and the whole thing just has this sad but beautiful vibe about it, like a tribute to Scott’s genius.

Liam: (Liam wasn’t with us while we did this interview – but we asked him to tell us his fave album of 2019 and he said ‘Rammstein’… by Rammstein because it’s a mix of all their best styles!)

MIMR: Thanks a lot for chatting to us, how can people follow you on social media and check out the EP?

Quina: At the moment the EP is only available on Bandcamp, although we hope to upgrade to Spotify and some bigger platforms in the new year… but please check out thedollyshakes.bandcamp.com to stream it for free or download it for cheap, or you can even order the physical CD (it comes with a lovely illustrated booklet with artwork by Jessica and in a limited edition hand-printed case).

Jessica: And our social media is @thedollyshakes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – please follow us or get in touch!

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