MIMR Playlist No.5

The Battery Farm ‘I Am A Man’

Hot on the heels of their previous single ’97-91′ which gained a more than positive response including here on MIMR Playlist, The Battery Farm continue their relentless, punk crusade with their earth-shattering new single ‘I Am A Man’ released Oct 23rd.

More striking riffs, enpowering vocals and stomping beats are hammered into your brain and leave you stunned. The Gutter-punk quartet have a effortless knack to excite and evoke emotion in their sound and this track furthermore proves their existence to manchester music scene is vital and necessary.

We Three Kings ‘Gasoline’

Rock n Roll never sounded more brutal and viseral than the sound that Manchester trio We Three Kings create on latest single ‘Gasoline’ which has the ability to make you want to mosh along repeatedly.

The 3 piece have had MIMR on their side for a while now and this track protrays a band who have the tools to go from strength to strength.

Gutsy, powerful vocals are concealed with a blend of blistering riffs and thunderous beats, the result is a beltering anthem that should be on anyone’s rock playlist, all hail the kings!

Thin Skinned ‘Newspaper People’

Next on the playlist we welcome back 6 piece indie-folk act Thin-Skinned with their uplifting and enlightening grooves created on new single ‘Newspaper People’.

Following closely after their previous effort ‘Desperate for Breath’ and with a EP ready to put out to the world, it’s safe to say that the band are ready to make their mark.

Their ambient sound is mirrored by delicate vocals before bursting into life with a lively, chirpy and catchy chorus, add a classy jazz interlude and you have a well crafted track that becomes a real favourite, this EP is going to be a treat!

Island Dam ‘Reptilian Desires’

We end the latest Playlist with a fiery bang with Alt-Rockers Island Dam becoming a welcome new inclusion to the blog.

The 5 piece from Wigan match quickfire lyrics with riffs that really land a mighty punch to leave you reeling.

Released 18th October ‘Reptilian Desires’ has a venomous effect on you and the antidote is just to make sure you have it on repeat, sink your teeth into this one!

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