MIMR Band Chat: Alex Rave and The Sceptical

As we get ready for the latest Deco Records gig back at The Railway, MIMR spoke to Alex from the band ahead of their much anticipated set in West Didsbury tomorrow.

MIMR: Super to have you on the blog, what’s the latest with the band and what have been the highlights for you this year?

Alex: Hello and cheers for having us. The band is still relatively new. This whole project initially started as a bedroom idea, where me and the keyboard player Charlie (cracking producer and all round musician) would just sit and try to build some songs out of what I had. Now, we are a full band filled with some great songwriting talent. The sound has somewhat evolved into something that I could have only dreamed of having and so as winter comes, the plan is to record an EP to capture what we’ve been trying to do live. For me, it’s all very exciting. The highlight so far to be honest has been out first gig at Castle back in June. Prior to the gig I had released two tunes just under my name and the debate of how on earth to capture it live without over doing it was a constant worry. Therefore, the first gig was of course filled with nerves because nobody (not even my girlfriend) had any idea of what on earth it was going to sound like. However, after playing the first song of the set we all exhaled with relief and actually started to enjoy it.

MIMR: How best would you describe your music and what are your main influences?

Alex: The sound is certainly on the darker side of things. I think as a group we quickly found ourselves edging towards a sound that resembled psych combined with a bit of a punk punch. This is a sound that would have never really happened though if I had not got the band involved as I was just rearing towards sad pop songs with a thirst to have Brian Eno-esc ambiance involved. Now, it is much more than that. Nick Cave meets Pink Floyd is probably the best way I could describe it, if modesty was getting thrown out the window.

MIMR: Great to see you on Deco Records latest residency gig this friday, do you have pre-gig routines or supersititions before you play?

Alex: Myself and Ben (drummer) once did a gig with our old band on the same night as our school prom. This was a bad idea, as we could barely see each other let alone hear each other all thanks to Jäger bombs and cheap lager. That was going on 4 years ago, but the rule since has stayed the same. 3 pints maximum before you go on stage, with a can aloud to be carried on with you. We’ve all individually played slashed at some point in our lives and collectively we agree that you can only get away with it once every 6 or 7 times. This naturally leads to disappointment the majority of the time.

MIMR: What’s been your most memorable gig so far and why?

Alex: I think I’d have to say when we played Soup Kitchen for an all day festival. This was only our second gig and the room was only half full, but I’ve been to see so many bands at Soup Kitchen and always wanted to play there as a result. We sounded pretty good as well, but I was more focused on the fact we finally got to play that stage.

MIMR: Thanks a lot for chatting to us on MIMR, have a good gig on friday, how can people follow you on social media?

Alex: Cheers we’re buzzing for it. Pretty cheap boozer as well from what I’ve heard which of course is an added bonus. You can find us on the big three social media pages for all your ranting needs. Twitter- @Alexsceptical Instagram- alexraveandthesceptical
Facebook- (you guessed it) Alex Rave and The Sceptical

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