MIMR Playlist No.4

Gambling Hearts ‘This Love’

We start the latest Playlist with the emotionally-charged and sweet melodic tones of Gambling Hearts and their brilliant new single ‘This Love’.

Released 13th Oct, the Alt-Rock trio from Salisbury show off their prowess effortlessly with a track that you can instantly relate to and is certain to become one to stick on repeat.

Some electrifying riffs and some heartfelt glowing vocals go hand in hand and make this track one you can belt out too. The power trio have had busy year with plenty of gigs and are ready to spread their wings further afield, MIMR is hooked.

The Navettes ’12am’

The next band have become a regular on the blog over the last 12 months and with good reason as they continue to impress with their delightful Synth-pop grooves.

The Navettes have become a firm favourite on MIMR and the manchester 5 piece continue their good work with latest track ’12am’ causing quite a stir. Haunting bassline, blissful beats and effervscent vocals are well received and are sure to make you sway violently. Another Manchester band on the rise and tracks like this are making people stsnd up and take considerable notice.

Pool Sharks ‘Craw’

We head up to Calder Valley for our next band and it’s somewhat familiar as they recently featured on the blog ahead of their brilliant show in Manchester, this of course is the brilliant Garage Rock quartet Pool Sharks

New single ‘Craw’ was one of MIMR favourites of their live set and this frantic indie rock is captured perfectly in this track. In our recent interview the 4 piece explained “we’ve trying to pioneer the genre Dwarf Cream Wave” and with music this good i think a new genre might of been born. Delightful hooks, some powerful guitars and this becomes one of your essential track of the year.

Those Fucking Snowflakes ‘Stop Being a Dickhead To Each Other’

The conclusion to the latest Playlist are punk trio Those Fucking Snowflakes from Blackpool with this rollercoaster of a track that will leave your head needing medical attention.

Politically-charged and heart-stopping tirade with storming beats, belting vocals and some razor-sharp riffs make for a brutally thrilling experience. Having seen these guys live recently, their sound is amplified 10x on stage, it’s the perfect track to lose your shit too.

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