MIMR Review: Aria ‘The Mess The Others Made Me Make’

Among a host of exciting new bands to come out of Manchester currently, rock 5 piece Aria shake it up with their latest EP ‘The Mess That Others Made Me Make’ striking all the right chords.

Having already wetted our appetite with the brilliant ‘Lost at 5’ 2 track EP earlier in the year, this latest release is sure to spread their bruising, chaotic and refreshing sound to the masses.

Split into 3 parts, the EP meanders from pillar to post violently, contrasting from suplime harmonies to raw, beltering riffs and ferocious vocals in a hearbeat.

Opening Track ‘The Eyes Are Aching’ has a cosmic intro with glorious guitars intertwined, while the vocals slowly build to a explosive level, with some hefty beats to boot.

‘Sad Song’ takes it down a notch ever so slightly but it still has some electrifying, effervescent guitars and some glowing vocals and at 2min 20secs it serves as a very pleasing interlude on the record.

‘Le Drama’ concludes the EP with great gusto and manic hysteria, a track that would certainly be one to look out for at one of their live shows. With some frenetic beats, some more heart-stopping riffs and vocals that build to a euphoric crusendo that is hard not to lose yourself to.

Aria have made a EP that is fun, intelligent and hits all the right buttons, a winning formula and one that will get them the attention they deserve.

Here’s the EP in full

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