MIMR Playlist No.3

The Battery Farm ’97-91′

Gutter-punk from Manchester begins this week’s Playlist as The Battery Farm unleash their engrossing battle-cry noise which refurberates your ears.

97-91′ is full of heartfelt passion, eerie and fercious vocals, grinding riffs and heart-stopping beats. There’s a fair bit of buzz around the band currently and their music excites MIMR, rest of manchester beware!!

Bines ‘Shame’

A welcome return to the blog for Northern indie-rock quartet Bines with a mesmerising slice of classic indie goodness, taken from their new EP ‘LayItOnMe’.

The track is turbo energised with blistering riffs, with a memorable, sing-a-long chorus and definitely takes you back to when indie was tearing up the charts. Bines, through hard work and their continuous gigging, have achieved that arena sound and their new EP is just the start, big stage awaits!

Seagoth ‘Internet Cafe’

Probably the odd one out on this week’s Playlist with it’s more low-key, downbeat vibe but Seagoth has grabbed MIMR attention in a much different way and amongst a wrath of new and exciting acts that deserve your appreciation.

Georgia is 18 year old bedroon pop act who’s dreamy outlook on her music enchants you from start to finish. With It’s lo-fi feel and mesmerising beats make her latest track ‘Internet Cafe’ a pure delight.

With already a debut EP released earlier this year under her belt, the future looks very bright for Seagoth and MIMR is well and truly hooked!

DEH-YEY ‘Danephesians 4:31′

We end this week’s Playlist with a almighty bang with the rapturous sound of Alt-rock duo DEH-YEY and they certainly know how to make themselves heard, with their latest track being a prime example!

‘Danephesians 4:31’ is a thrill a second crusade, dark, gritty riffs and bellowing vocals that will live long in the memory. The chester 2 piece are now with Restless Bear Records and are also releasing a split EP with MIMR good friends Gravves on Oct 19th, this band’s boosters are ready to blow, prepare for lift off!

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