MIMR Playlist No.2

Here’s the latest tracks that have caught our attention recently.

Giant Boys ‘What’s That?

Garage, punk rock duo Giant Boys unleash their latest single onto the world and it’s another whirlwind experience from the 1st beat. The Salford 2 piece have become a firm favourite on the blog this year and this track only cements their place as one of the best new bands around.

Bellowing, commanding vocals and some striking riffs to boot, it’s a rousing success, catch them live and you won’t be disappointed!

Sweetness ‘Sing, Don’t Shout’

Returning to the blog with their brand new single, indie rock n roll trio Sweetness from Sheffield have cracked it again with this track another example of there endearing jangle rock sound from yester years.

The follow up from their excellent debut single ‘Pretty’, the 3 piece stomp along with great style with another catchy track. It’s hard not to see the Smiths influence throughout but they more than make their sound their own, snappy guitar riffs are hand in hand with sparkling vocals, making it a real sing-a-long track. MIMR is hoping for more of the same in future releases!

Katz ‘Older Guys’

One of our best discoveries of recent times are next up on playlist, lo-fi surf-rock 3 piece Katz are ready to take people by storm with their infectious sound.

Having recently released their DIY produced EP ‘Dumb Songs’ it’s easy to see why there’s more than a few people giving out the plaudits. ‘Older Guys’ is the 2nd track from the record with catchy melodies and plucky riffs which are delivered perfectly in this track, the future looks bright for Katz, their EP is a essential listen.

Ourkid ‘Disappear’

Indie-pop quartet Ourkid are a Manchester based act that MIMR have taken a shine to recently with their new single ‘Disappear’ soaring to the sky with spiralling riffs, uplifting vocals hitting you between the eyes and leaving you dazed.

Released 2nd September, the track is instantly repeatable and is hard not to smile when you hear it. The 4 piece honestly state that it’s 4 lads just out there having fun as it should be and MIMR agrees that enjoyment should be the main reason for making music, Ourkid speak wise words.

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