MIMR Band Chat: Wolf Suit

In the last preview before the fun and games of Deco Records latest all dayer gig finally kicks off, MIMR got the chance to talk to Joanne from electric, psych rock 5 piece Wolf Suit

MIMR: Great to speak to you on the blog, what were the origins of Wolf Suit and what would you say your main influences are?

Joanne: Tom and I have been playing music together for around 10 years. We have had other incarnations of our band and we have influenced each other on the direction of the music. Wolf Suit was formed with our bassist Michael and former drummer Nath; our saxophonist Moody was pinched from another project I was a part of, and Akos our drummer was a fan of the band and joined after Nath had a motorcycle accident and broke various things.

Our influences include Captain Beefheart, Roxy Music, David Bowie, QOTSA and Black Sabbath. We like grooves, polyrhythyms, heavy bits, and to keep it angular and interesting.

MIMR: How has been 2019 been for the band, any favourite moments?

Joanne: 2019 has been tricky because of line-up changes and a couple of other difficulties, but we’re striving forward soon to release a double a-side single and play many more out of town gigs from our base in the Midlands. The best moments are always the coming together of everything – the music, and every band and audience member with it.

MIMR: It’s super that i will catch you live this saturday at Deco Records all dayer. What’s your favourite part about playing live?

Joanne: Playing live is the culmination of everything you’ve worked for, it’s the most direct way of reaching an audience and delivering to them the experience of your music. Our live performance is fairly animated compared to many bands or genres of music, so it makes sense for our music to be communicated in this way. It’s particularly cool to see members of the audience move to our somewhat oddball swerves and changes and capturing their attentions for the length of a set.

In other words, becoming golden gods ;D

MIMR: If you could tour and hang out with any band which one would it be and why?

Joanne: We would love to tour with Altin Gün because they seem like really cool guys, they’re on their way up so the touring would feel like pioneering in a way – they haven’t become overburdened or over-saturated by colossal fame yet! Their music is amazing, closer to the heart of true psychedelia than the bands that brought it to the west in a big way in the 60s and 70s – they’re real deal arabic scales and dancey rhythms and all that. Me and Tom went to see them at their first (and sell-out!) UK gig in London the other week, got to meet a couple of them too…

MIMR: Thanks again for talking to us, look forward to the Deco gig. How can people follow you on social media?

Joanne: People can follow us on our facebook and instagram pages:




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