MIMR Band Chat: Ohmns

Sure to ignite and explode on stage with their rip-rawing fuzz driven rock noise, Liverpool quartet Ohmns embark on their trip to Manchester this Saturday for Deco Records all dayer and they’re sure to make their presence known!

MIMR spoke to the band ahead of the show about influences, new recordings and memorable gigs.

MIMR: Thrilled to have you on the blog, who are Ohmns and what are the main influences on your music?

Ohmns: Ohmns are four life long mates – slezz dezz quezz and Jezz. Our influences range from the likes of the stooges, hot snakes, Fugazi, gun club, devo, Tyvek annnnd loads more

MIMR: Been transfixed on your EP released last year ‘Jocelyn’ in particular is a killer track. Do you have any new tracks in the works?

Ohmns: Nice one! We actually are going to be recording this weekend, before/after the gig. Doing it with our mate garv, who plays guitar in one of our favourite Liverpool bands ‘yammerer’

MIMR: Looking forward to seeing your live show this saturday courtesy of Deco Records. What’s the best thing about playing live shows?

Ohmns: I think we are mainly a live band, and we prefer is that way, it takes a while for us to record anything – not that we don’t have the material, it’s just the way things work out. Playing live is great though, it’s what ya practice for really

MIMR: What’s been your most memorable gig as a band so far?

Ohmns: Errrrr there’s quite a lot you know. I think the one that stands out the most is when we played with the Gories. We started out just covering there stuff, so to support them was a bit surreal

MIMR: Been a pleasure having you on MIMR, have a great show on Saturday. How can people follow you on social media?
Nice one for having us

Ohmns: Get us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook annnnd we have a website too

_ohmns_ (insta)
@Ohmnsohmns (twitter)

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